Step 7: 1-4 week old puppy care

The puppys calws should be cut every week, only taking the sharp edge off! if you cut too far up the pup can bleed to death so only cut a TINY bit off of the tip. Puppies claws are extremely sharp at this age and the dam will wean them early if their claws irritate her.
During the pups second week, they will begin to hear sounds, and their eyes may begin to open. Towards the end of week 2 the pups will begin to releive themselves without the help of the mother.
By week three the pups eyes should be open fully and they will be able to hear, they will start to interact with eachother and discover that they can make noise (growling/puppy barking) at this age the pups are much more interesting and fun, other people can visit for longer and stroke the pups. At the end of this week, you can grind some meat up and give it to the pups cold about a pea sized amount a time, one pea sized ball of meat per day. Put a shallow water dish down at this point.
Week four
The floor around your whelping box should be covered with newspaper and pups should be allowed to roam around a small area, a cat toy or two is often fun to watch pups play with at this point, remove the whelping box and just use a sheet with an electric blanket under half of it now. You will need to clean the area every hour as pups will now be urinating and deficating on their own. twice a day, mop the floor underneath. The dam will now nurse the pups while standing. At this age you can soak some small puppy biscuits in water to feed them, this is the beginning of weaning. Only feed 1 tea spoon of soaked food per puppy to start with, put it in one bowl and just let them find it on their own. You'll need to trim the hair around their rectal area, and clean their rear with warm water and an old cloth.
<p>Wow! That's funny that you said the Lake Hills Greenbelt in Bellevue, WA, USA. That's exactly what I thought when I saw the first few pictures...either that or the Off Leash Dog Area at Marymoor Park.</p>
Where is that? It looks like the Lake Hills Greenbelt in the Pacific NW (US)
nope its in the UK ;)

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