How to Carry Your Bow Hands Free!




Introduction: How to Carry Your Bow Hands Free!

Video to make this:

So this is a really simple way to easily carry your bow while hunting, I know how annoying carrying a pretty heavy bow for about 4 hours so I made this and I love it, just because its so simple but so effective.

What you need: Paracord or something similar, a bolt to fit into your bow and (optional) spray paint.

Step 1: Step One - Knots

First you need to take your bolt and tie the paracord around the top, then you need to tie the two ends together to make a loop, as shown it the pictures.

Step 2: Step Two - Optional Spray Paint It!

You can spray paint it if you want :) then screw it into your bow and test it out.

Thanks for reading this Instructable and happy fathers day!

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