Picture of How to carve Iron Man
This is a guide on how I (and how you can) carved my pumpkin, "I am IRON MAN".  Feel free to use the pattern I drew.  it is color coded with explanations as you move through the guide.  This is challenging but can be done if you have the patience!

Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need
For this project you will need a few tools.  The bulk of the work will be done with a good, quality X-acto knife.  Brief reasonings for each tool are provided, with further explanation found within the instructable.

- X-Acto knife
- Serrated pumpkin carving knives (smaller knives for fine detail are best, and can be found in the over the counter pumpkin carving kits at most stores)
- Edged scooper (for scraping out the inside of your pumpkin)
- Paper and pencil (for pattern)
- Small finely tipped nail (for poking holes while transferring pattern to pumpkin)
- Sharpie or ball point pen (for pattern tracing)
- Dremel or grinding tool (to remove some pumpkin flesh)
- small fluorescent lamp (for lighting pumpkin)

jvieke10 months ago
I've never "skinned" or carved a pumpkin like this. Great instructable!
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noahtarch made it!10 months ago

I did this one last year and it turned out great, I put a picture of my stencil of the Hulk Buster that I made myself from the new Age Of Ultron movie. Thanks a lot for the inspiration and enjoy!!

Nss3010 months ago
This guide was awesome! Just finished my own. Pictures soon, thanks!!
DoggieDoc83 (author)  Nss3010 months ago
That's awesome! I look forward to seeing pictures. Always nice seeing others get enjoyment and use out of my past work!
gammerguy1 year ago
I just wanted to say thanks. I just did this myself, mainly because my 3 year old son just loves Iron Man, and I love a challenge. And I have to say, this was just that. I printed out your template and there were plenty of times where I was not too sure how it would come out. But once it got dark and I stuck the lamp in the back it came out awesome. So again, thanks!
DoggieDoc83 (author)  rschultheis1 year ago
No problem! Glad my design and explanations helped you to create a good pumpkin for your son! Looks good! Keep an eye out for this years instructable... It will be much more difficult than any I have previously done. Enjoy!
plb362 years ago
Great instructable! I attempted it and mine turned out pretty well. It certainly impressed my friends though! Thanks for the great guide!
sassycat2 years ago
one word AWESOME!
ainedhel3 years ago
Very awesome! What is the official name of the handheld "grinding tool" and were can I find one?
DoggieDoc83 (author)  ainedhel3 years ago
Well unfortunately, as far as I know, it doesn't HAVE a name. The tool I am referring to is located at the far right of the picture of all the tools, and just came in a standard set of carving tool kits that are out every year around this time.
fra963 years ago
wow!!! it's STUPENDO!!!! BRAVO!!
chuck_294 years ago
that is way awesome!
absolute best jack o lantern I've ever seen.
BalintRules4 years ago
that is absolutely awesome 5*
Mr.Sanchez4 years ago
geoper24 years ago
This is just perfect, it looks great !!
tahirhh4 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmm pumpkin
Void Schism4 years ago
:0 wow, that is just awesome!
Thats beautiful! Especially the differences in shades of light coming through. It's very subtle at first but then you take a second glance and see the details.

How long does the pumpkin last?