How to Carve a Lethal Spear.





Introduction: How to Carve a Lethal Spear.

this is a video showing you how to carve a lethal spear!



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    thats a pretty nice spear, would the tip be stronger if you screwed in a 3 in. or longer screw in a pre-drilled hole with epoxy??

    and that is why i would never ever make a video (I'm 12 and also have a high voice)

    dude take my advice please work on the voice

    He cant do anything about that, only time will tell.

    It strikes me that you've started pretty young on the whole "being badass" thing. You're gonna go far.

    I like the idea of the Etsy store, though I'm a bit concerned that the shipping cost would be pretty big.

    For your next project you should make a bow and arrow, that would be awesome

    Just saw you had a sling shot video and because its metal make it $40 maybe. But it's your choice.

    Hey just finished eating it up in America, (I noticed your New Zealand pants and accent) and you should defiantly sell them. The walking sticks should be $15-$25, slingshots (because of the high quality) $30, and spears $35 (because of the hard work you have to put into it). You should also post a video on the slingshot if you haven't already, that would be really cool. Good luck in life!!! :D