How to carve a woodensword from a pole of greenwood. Using only simple tools.

Step 1: The Tools

This is the only tools you need.
This is NOT a Viking sword, at all. trust me I'm a nerd, who is also a Viking history expert.
<p>you are very right. And nowhere have I stated that this is a viking sword. Just some of my tools is viking replicas made by master smiths in the spirit of the viking tools.</p><p>A sword like this is only meant as a toy nothing special</p>
nice axe though.
Do you know how to forge blades and other viking weapons? <br>
Very cool.
&nbsp;Is it possible to use pine or mesquite or even a pole from rocklers or ace or home depot????????
&nbsp;You will have the hardest time using mesquite. I think it is on of the hardest woods in the world.
yup it is incredibly hard if you are working with it sharpen your knives alot i know this from personal experiance
Definitely. Take this from a guy who has to use a machete to weaken mesquites at the deer lease. However, if you do decide to do it, it makes a very durable sword. I will have to try an 'ible on that..
hey ben i wouldnt use pine to weak. go for hickory or oak
Use an AXE handle. They have a cool shape to them already and are cheap. A little carving and I had some swords for my kid's Bday party and that wasn't a good idea.
that is a great sword nice job
hey man nice carvings ive been carving swords for about 3 years now, and yours look pretty good. have you tried selling them? i sell them on ebay and at craft festivals.
Hi<br>yes I sell my swords. I work in this place <br>http://www.sagnlandet.dk/English.1192.0.html<br>during the kids holidays I make all kinds of viking toys. The swords are very popular. I make them on the viking marketplace. And sell then fresh made. The visitors can see how I make the things, and can buy the one that they have seen being made.<br>I use a little different technique than the one I describe in this 'able. When I work my viking craft I only use axe, adze and knife, no modern tools are allowed.<br>The toys I make at the viking place is inspired by all the different funding of viking toys. We have findings of toyswords from Dublin, Hedeby and Novograd. And we have some toy horses and other carved animals from many vikings digs.<br>I also make small viking boats carved from one piece of wood.<br>I have never tryed to sell my things on Ebay. Because I get payed from the Sagnland and what I get from selling the things goes to the Sagnland.<br><br>/Thomas
What kind of wood would you recommend? Is there any thing that I shouldn't use?
balsa is what i would use. its durable and easy to carve
I'm not so sure about balsa wood, try oak!
orrrrrrrrrrr.................glass! :O
hi ... i wouldnt recormend balsa for pure reason its weak and has a tendency to spit if un fire and treated ... id recormend oak or ash for the fact that when they dry (well in the case of oak) become as hard or harder than iron ... but word of advice axe + oak = alot of wear on the blade .. so ash seems like a better choice for you but personally i just love oak and the way it ages .. <br /> <br /> hope it goes well for you all the best jack <br />
could you use this as a wepon ?
no, it is a toy. But any thing can be a weapon in the wrong hands. /Thomas
yep that is so true ive witnessed a bicycle being used as a weapon. lmao
I've got to learn to do that.
So, out of interest what kind of sword is that supposed to be? It looks japanese, yet is thick like a broadsword. Just what you came up with while you were making it?
I just came up with it. The shape of the wood sets its limits. If the wood is bend I make a scimitar like sword, if it is thick and straight I can make a two edged vikingsword. And some times I just make something crazy fantasy like sword. <br><br>/Thomas
nice, your instructable helped me make plenty of different swords, although at the moment i'm trying to make a giant one out of a huge log, but unfortunately i can barley lift sed log :P
how long should the sword be according to a persons size? arm length from fingertips to shoulder?
for a short sword from the end of the hilt to the tip of the blade shoud be the length of your leg works quite well. <br>a long sword is the same but it shoud be the blade that is the same length of your leg. <br>well thats what I use anyway =)
For Katana (japanese swords) the rule of thumb is that the tip is a half inch or so off the ground when the grip is held in your hand, sword tip pointing straight down.<br /> <br /> I don't know any other &quot;normal&quot; standard for things like this english style sword. Experiment!<br />
do you use any protective coating for any good ones you make?
&nbsp;Saw in an earlier comment that your base is in denmark. That is cool as hell. Vikings are cool as hell.&nbsp;
i have a block of 2x4&nbsp; can it be used istead of a pole?<br />
&nbsp;You wont get that round handle, In fact it would be easier to just make it this way.
This is a sweet Instructable... my son and I will be making one this weekend. on a side note do you have an Instructable for your viking axe?
dude that would be awsome a axe like the ones in lord of the rings...that would be sick<br />
How long Does this Take&nbsp;you?&nbsp;
I went on a viking marked this weekend, I was making swords like this. Just with out the use of a saw, but just an ax and a knife. The sword I made I sold fresh from the ax :-) One of the guests timed me carving a sword with out me knowing. And when I was finished told me that I had carved it in 18&frac12; minute. One day I made 26 swords.<br /> <br /> /Thomas<br />
thats inpressive :D&nbsp;
can you sell one to me? im horrible at handling wood.
no problems, where do you live?<br /> It is <span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);" title="der er ret dyrt">quite expensive to send things from denmark, but </span></span><span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);" title="hvis du er villig til at betale portoen">if you are willing to pay postage I will sell you one.<br /> Please contact me at thomas.handy(a]gmail.com<br /> <br /> /Thomas<br /> </span></span>
Did you forge the axe yourself, or did you buy it? If you did it yourself, or know how, an instructable on how to forge one would be nice.
I have not made the axe. A very good blacksmith made it for me. /Thomas
where was the blacksmtih?<br /><br />
&nbsp;it's a really nice axe.
that is a very beautiful nordic axe
Thank you for your guide. I have been making walking sticks for years and have been looking for something else to do and plan to start tommorow.
Is this sword tough enough to spar with?
Yes, I think so. But it depends a lot on what kind of wood you use to make it.<br/>I consider this at toy, and my boys use it to play with. I have showed them how to fight with it, but most of the time they just pose with it, playing it is a light saber or what ever. The sword in this instructable is mostly used to kill slugs :-) I have an invasion of killer slugs in my garden<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_slug">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_slug</a><br/>And my boys love to help beating them to death with a wooden sword.<br/><br/>/Thomas<br/>
we need more slug slayers in this world

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