How to Carve a Sword





Introduction: How to Carve a Sword

How to carve a woodensword from a pole of greenwood. Using only simple tools.

Step 1: The Tools

This is the only tools you need.

Step 2: The Pole

I cut this tree to make spoons from the thick part of the log. I have already showed how to make a spoon here Viking spoon

But the thin part of the tree don't have to go to waste. Here I show you how to carve a sword from the top of the tree.

Step 3: The Rough Carving

I use my axe for most of the shaping. You can carve all the steps where I use the saw with the axe. But it is much more easy to do it with the saw. That way your sure that the cuts are straight.

Step 4: The Fine Carving

When the sword have the rough shape I use the knife to finish the carving.



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    This is NOT a Viking sword, at all. trust me I'm a nerd, who is also a Viking history expert.

    you are very right. And nowhere have I stated that this is a viking sword. Just some of my tools is viking replicas made by master smiths in the spirit of the viking tools.

    A sword like this is only meant as a toy nothing special

    Do you know how to forge blades and other viking weapons?

     Is it possible to use pine or mesquite or even a pole from rocklers or ace or home depot????????

     You will have the hardest time using mesquite. I think it is on of the hardest woods in the world.

    yup it is incredibly hard if you are working with it sharpen your knives alot i know this from personal experiance

    Definitely. Take this from a guy who has to use a machete to weaken mesquites at the deer lease. However, if you do decide to do it, it makes a very durable sword. I will have to try an 'ible on that..

    hey ben i wouldnt use pine to weak. go for hickory or oak