Picture of How to carve on a long board
This is an instructable on how to carve on a long board. this is very simple procsess and takes barely any time to learn. Below there is a youtube video (not mine) by original skateboards (so obviously not mine) in which you can see sorta what ill be talking about....

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Step 1: Starting out

Picture of Starting out
First start on one side of the street ,board pointing down hill. with one foot, start kicking until you have decent speed.

Step 2: Cresting (as i like to call it)

Picture of Cresting (as i like to call it)
Then turn tilt your body so you turn left this action, as ilike to call it, is called cresting. For an idea look at the pic below

Step 3: Troughing (as i like to call it)

Picture of Troughing (as i like to call it)
 Then turn right by tilting your body in almost a sitting motion, which gives you a low center of gravity which = speed. This is what i like to call troughing. Look below for an idea

Step 4: Keep the beat and ride!

Picture of Keep the beat and ride!
Keep the beat goin, troughing and cresting is all there is to it. Enjoy the carve!
lemonie5 years ago
You missed reading the bit that says "An Instructable is a step-by-step guide showing how you made or did something".
We need to see something that is uniquely yours.

longboardboy (author) 5 years ago
 yea they are from other websites but if i can i will definitely put some of my pics on there....
longboardboy (author) 5 years ago
Hey guys if you have any questions dont mind asking and please rate.
Are any of those images yours, or are they all from other websites?