How to Catch a Lizard





Introduction: How to Catch a Lizard

Lizards are fun, but they can be hard to catch. In a tropical climate, like that of Florida or St. Thomas, they can be found in many places. They commonly hide on the backs of trees and lightpoles, and are easy to catch if you know how. First, you need to locate the lizard and go to the opposite side of the tree/lightpole. Keep track of how high up the lizard is, and remember it. Then, in a fluid but gentle motion, slam your hand down o the lizard and don't let him go. Carefully take him out from under your hand, but make sure not to grab him by his tail, which will detach. Also, remember that he will bite you. Carefully let him go when you are done holding him, and there you have it! You have just caught your very own lizard.



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well my friend hates brown anoles. He hates them a lot.

Thanks for posting. I hava a tough time trying to catch lizards. I made a terrarium, and i have a male and female brown anole in it. They seem to get along fine. I just used my old aquarium and put grass and sticks in it.

brown anoles Common native to cuba found in florida
green anoles Uncommon Native to florida
cuban anoles 6 inches long native to cuba found in florida
Knight anoles captive breed between green + brown
giant anoles 2 ft long Knight + cuban
blue-green anoles Rare green lacking enough pigment
blue anoles Rarest breed blue-green/blue + blue-green/blue = blue aka powder blue

You should make another about catching snakes.

venomous or non-venomous?or both?

As I am only a young teenager, i do not have (much) experience with venemous snakes.

I stand behind them, then use a stick in either hand to chase them towards me. Then, when they are close, i drop the sticks right next to the lizard to startle it for a second, then grab it. Here in Northern California, we commonly have blue belly lizards, "alligator lizards", and blue-tailed skinks.

When i visited the redwoods, I didn't see any skinks, but did catch a salamander.
I usually catch them in the U.S Virgin Islands

Nice, what redwoods area did you go to?