Have noisy chirping crickets in your basement or other place in the house?
Find out how to catch them with just leftover food and drinks!

Step 1: Drink up!

If you have any bottled drinks like soda, water, or even tea, drink all but just a little bit of the drink.
Leave it in a populated area of crickets over night. (image 1)
After that you should find some crickets have found their way in for a little drink. Only thing is... They can't get out. (image 2)
I can't be sure that your crickets aren't so smart as to figure out how to get out, but it's very unlikely!
Can we get this deleted somehow? either trick works and I'm not dumb enough to try them. This really brings down instructables reputation. I actually try to avoid instructables.com on my search results.
did not work for me. I looked in the bottle-nothing-piece o crap act-madmadmad. I hope you and the stuiped dam crickets are happy cuz i give up dude! g-bye!<br>
LinuxH4, I hate to burst your bubble,but yes it is a cricket. Just what do you think a cricket looks like?
In the south, that is picture of a cricket. Below is a pic of a brown grasshopper: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grasshopper This is what a green grasshopper looks like: http://www.pbase.com/mplonsky/image/375088 We are surrounded by hay land and every summer are invaded by all of these plus, LOL. Crickets climbing the brick walls to get in the house singing and eating paper and fabric are one of my least favorite things. I am thinking of working out how to collect them for sale.
i tried the water bottle trick i faced it inside a bush (thats where the ones i get hang out) and the next morning, NOTHING i need these crickets so my pet frog wont die, he hasent ate in 2 weeks. plz help me as soon as possible. P.S i can hear them outside every night so i know there out there
cool!<br />
There's good eating on one of them.
I find that they taste mildly chocolatey, actually (though not the least bit sweet) and the texture is not bad, although I always have this image of one of those huge back legs poking out from between my teeth when I'm finished
Isn't that a picture of a grasshopper?
In Nebraska that is a grasshopper.
Grasshoppers have much longer wings made for flying.
Thats not a cricket...
I grew up in Iowa. In the summertime when it was the season for harvesting oats crickets were everywhere. They easily got into the house. Sometimes you would put your shoe on and you could feel something squish under your foot. My mother hated crickets, even though it was a losing battle. But, the easy way to find them was with easy listening music. Wait until dark and then turn on some violins, especially Montovanni, and they would begin to sing along with gusto. When they did, they gave away their hiding places and we could kill them easily with a shoe in the hand.

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