Picture of How to change a kitchen tap
This is a simple instructable showing how to change a kitchen tap in less than an hour.
I got this tap in Ikea for a reasonable price and the flexible hoses in my local hardware shop. Taps pluming systems may vary between different makes of kitchen taps. But the basics are generally all the same, it's not rocket science.
So lets get started...
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Step 1: Tap and tools

Picture of Tap and tools
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Most of the taps comes in a kit with all the parts you will need. I prefered to buy these 2 flexible easy fit hoses rather then using the ones I got in the kit.

Tools you will need are:
- 2 spanners for opening and to tighening the nuts.
- Teflon tape is important to seal the threaded joint connections preventing leaks.
- Screw gun or screwdriver.

Step 2: Preperation

Picture of Preperation
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Main and most important thing is to turn off main water supply to the tap.
Remove all shelf contents and cover panels for easy access to the pipes. 
In some houses like mine there is a water valve for your hot and cold water supply from the boiler and the attic tank. After closing the main valve turn off the hot water valve from the boiler too.

Step 3: Dismantling pipes and sink

Picture of Dismantling pipes and sink
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Start by dismantling the drain pipe connected to the sink. 
Before releasing the pipe place a bucket under  the pipes for draining left over water in pipes. Next open the hot and cold water pipe connections. Every tap and plumbing system is a bit different in my case I had to disconnect the pipes from both sides in order to be able to lift the sink and tap out.
If your sink has connectors under it release them with a screw gun.
Push connectors back and lift sink out. Release old tap with a spanner.
cheaptap6 months ago