How to Change a Turn Signal Switch on 04+ Pontiac Grand Prix





Introduction: How to Change a Turn Signal Switch on 04+ Pontiac Grand Prix

So there comes a time in all cars lives when things start to break down.
Most recently my 2005 Grand Prix decided to start flashing its high beams when ever it felt like it.
After some basic trouble shooting, I discovered the turn signal switch was defective. 

As most people do, I turned to my trusty service manual.
Much to my Surprise, I discovered a very lacking  "take it off, Put it back on" description.
I Googled and Forum hopped searching for a simple "How To" but found nothing specific to my year. 

This motivated me to make my first Instructable.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need the following.

1. Screwdriver with removable bits 
2. 90 degree ratcheting screwdriver 
3. T-25
4. Two plastic cards 
5. The new combination switch 

I bought my switch from

I opted for the AC Delco switch. I figured the factory switch lasted for 155XXX miles, so why not replace it with with another Delco switch

Now the ratcheting screw driver model I have is old, however the the part number is still valid with Craftsman just the head head slightly changed.

Step 2: Disable the Air Bag

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to Disable the Air bag.
Your face is about to spend some close personal time with the steering wheel.
You don't want that system live while you are fiddling around near the air bag. 

Locate the Fuse Box under the hood.
The Air Bag Fuse should be listed as SIR.
In my fuse box it was the number 9 fuse.
There should be a fuse puller located in the box.
The fuse puller simply slides over the top of the fuse, 
With a firm pinch of the puller and a tug straight back should remove the fuse.

If you are missing a fuse puller a pair of needle nose pliers works too.

Step 3: Locate the Steering Wheel

Now when I First started looking around the wheel planning how I would start, I thought the holes at the bottom meant something. 
The holes mean nothing for our purposes!!!!

While you are looking over your project to be, you should locate the adjustment lever.
This lever will become a good friend in no time!

Step 4: Pop It Open

Easier said than done!!! 

It took me a few minutes to figure a way to get it open with out scratching it all up.

Random Cards from my wallet was the answer!

The trick was to use 2 cards 

Slide one along the seam while pushing up. It will start to separate.

Go to the second side and do the same.

Once both side are un-clipped you can tug them farther apart, then the fun begins.

 I couldn't get a good photo of what to do but it goes something like this.

With the column all the way down you pull the halves apart.

They don't fully come apart at first.

There are 2 clips on the top that are to the left of the hazard switch. These will need to be rocked back and forth to come free.

Once the stubborn clips come up it will wiggle much easier. 

Now with your thumbs push from behind the wheel towards the dash, there is a lip that has to clear the wheel.

Once it clears it will come up and off

The whole time you are pulling popping the sides apart you will need to rock the column up and down as you are moving the pieces. If you don't move it, you might end up just locking one side after unlocking the other. 

Step 5: Finally Its Open

Now the hardest part is over.

There are only 2 screws holding the switch in one on top and one on the bottom.

The top one is super easy.

The bottom one is where you get to spend that close personal time with your steering wheel.

Take the 90 degree Ratcheting screw driver and go to town.

You can move the column up, to pull the lower shell down

This will let you make 1/2 turns instead of 1/8 turns.

Step 6: Unplug the Old Switch

With the bolts out the switch will lift up easy.

Bring the switch up to the gauge cluster to get to the wire harness easier.

One at a time, Simply slide your finger nail under the lock tabs and give a firm tug to the plastic connectors. 

Step 7: Putting It Back Together

Installing the new switch is easy. 

It all goes back together the opposite of coming apart.

After plugging in the new switch, place the bottom bolt in the hole and lower it into position.

There is a small spring loaded pin that must be pushed in, inorder for the switch to fully seat.

To make securing the lid faster start in the far right lock then while lowering the lid line up the pen with the hole

Next lock in the far left corner.

Now massage the lip back under the wheel and a small push should re-secure the 2 top clips.

Step 8: Putting It Back Together 2

The bottom of the shell will be a bit of a pain to line up, but once it is lined back up there is a little pin that is visible back in its original spot.

Step 9: And Its Over

The whole process took me about 1 1/2 hours to complete.

Now I can drive with out fear of flashing my lights at a cop or evoking the rage of on coming traffic. 

Any comments are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading. 



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    Having a very difficult time getting the top plastic cover back on. Any tips I tried for nearly an hour


    I made it to the step of unhooking the wiring and there's just an insane lack of slack, almost none. Ill wait till the weekend and remove the steering wheel.

    Nooooo! Don't take the steering wheel off! Take off the bottom cover, the ignition sw cover, the radio console then remove the instrument cluster cover and instrument cluster. Now the steering wheel cover upper and lower can be removed exposing the 2 torx screws that hold the stalk in place.

    High beams came on every time I turned my right blinker on. Thank you so much! The new part fixed the issue. It was not easy though I will say that much... Took me several hours.

    This was fantastic, saved me $100s. I did end up removing the lower and side pieces you noted in the comments for more room. Thank you!

    Thank you for the info. Got it done!

    Easier said then done thats for sure. Had lots of trouble removing the plastic pin from the wired connection. Saved $200 in the long run, thanks for the help!

    Thanks for the instructions. Took me about an hour. Now the car can be driven without worrying about brighting everybody. It was worse in cold weather conditions.

    Hey man I want yo thank you, this helped out a lot! Only took about an hour just like you said and the new part works perfectly.

    This is good information. When I turn my right signal on, my high beams switch on. The peculiar thing is, this ONLY happens in low light situations (dusk, night early dawn, tunnels, etc). I hope this fixes the problem. Firestone wanted $120/hr to conduct an electrical diagnosis to see what the problem is. I think I'll try this first.

    You forgot to hook the airbag back up.....