How to change a turn signal switch on 04+ Pontiac Grand Prix

Picture of How to change a turn signal switch on 04+ Pontiac Grand Prix
So there comes a time in all cars lives when things start to break down.
Most recently my 2005 Grand Prix decided to start flashing its high beams when ever it felt like it.
After some basic trouble shooting, I discovered the turn signal switch was defective. 

As most people do, I turned to my trusty service manual.
Much to my Surprise, I discovered a very lacking  "take it off, Put it back on" description.
I Googled and Forum hopped searching for a simple "How To" but found nothing specific to my year. 

This motivated me to make my first Instructable.

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Step 1: Gather your supplies

Picture of Gather your supplies
You will need the following.

1. Screwdriver with removable bits 
2. 90 degree ratcheting screwdriver 
3. T-25
4. Two plastic cards 
5. The new combination switch 

I bought my switch from

I opted for the AC Delco switch. I figured the factory switch lasted for 155XXX miles, so why not replace it with with another Delco switch

Now the ratcheting screw driver model I have is old, however the the part number is still valid with Craftsman just the head head slightly changed.

Step 2: Disable the Air Bag

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to Disable the Air bag.
Your face is about to spend some close personal time with the steering wheel.
You don't want that system live while you are fiddling around near the air bag. 

Locate the Fuse Box under the hood.
The Air Bag Fuse should be listed as SIR.
In my fuse box it was the number 9 fuse.
There should be a fuse puller located in the box.
The fuse puller simply slides over the top of the fuse, 
With a firm pinch of the puller and a tug straight back should remove the fuse.

If you are missing a fuse puller a pair of needle nose pliers works too.

Great instructions! The clam shell steering column cover was hard to get back together. Took about 2 hrs

FosterC116 days ago

Great rundown; thanks for the instructions!

Excellent instructions! Helped me out alot!

oliviat3 months ago

Thanks for this info! Very good details with pictures. I've been having this problem for over a month and it's too expensive to get done by someone so I'm gonna give it a try myself.

jhaslam1 (author)  oliviat3 months ago
Glad I could help. If separating the column cover gives you too much trouble you can remove the lower kick panel to give more room. The kick panel has a few screws hidden behind the side cover by the door, behind the radio trim and at the bottom.
oliviat jhaslam13 months ago

I just ordered the part so I'll dig into it next week. I have an 2006, every thing looks the same so far, I haven't looked at the fuse boxes just yet. It really sounds like that column cover gave you a run for your money.

jhaslam1 (author)  oliviat3 months ago
It was a pain because I was trying not to take everything apart and hadn't done a switch with out pulling the wheel before. In the end it wasn't so bad. Just take it easy and you'll get it.