How to Change an Empty Roll of Toilet Paper





Introduction: How to Change an Empty Roll of Toilet Paper

This was made for my girls (ages 14, 12, and 10)
Feel free to share this video with your children, spouse, partner, roommate, or relative as a refresher course.
I tried to make a the most complicated and needed household task easy to do and describe the three easy steps needed to complete the task.
Enjoy and share!



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    Goodness, that is one gorgeous lady discussing toliet paper.

    Please! Instruct all school kids! Great Vid!

    Fantastic. Simply fantastic. I just had to go and tear off a piece of tp to wipe away the tears of laughter.

    Ha, ha, ha!
    Great idea and video, but my boys are just too lazy to do it.
    Got any videos for that?

    I wish. You should have seen the mega eye rolls I got when my girls watched this! They might not do it, but I got my point across!

    I bet you did! Nothing more scarier than your own mom or dad on the internet!

    :D Done wonderfully! :D

    Very funny, but the paper ALWAYS goes over the top, to the front, unless you've got little kids or cats that like to play with the paper.