My Tom Tom is about 2 years old and the battery has seen better days.  If the charger plug falls out whilst driving it last a matter of minutes before shutting down.  Although tempted to buy a whole new unit for a few more features I thought I would replace the battery.

It's a fairly simple operation but I struggled to find much on the internet to assist prior to starting so have written this to help others.

New batteries are available from ebay, search for "Tom Tom One V3 Battery" and you should find loads. Expect to pay about £8-£10 delivered.

You will also need a Torx 8 or T8 driver to remove the screws.  These are available in the UK from Maplins, B&Q and Screwfix, often in a combined security driver pack.

Before you start:
Remove any SD cards
Backup the TomTom using the TomTom suite software supplied with the unit.  You shouldn't affect any data on the unit but best be safe!

Step 1: Remove Screws and Open Case

Turn the unit over.  There are four T8 screws that need removing.

Once removed use your finger nails or an old credit card to open the case at the top, it splits between the silver and grey section as shown.  Once as shown the grey back section slider down off the unit to clear the SD card and USB port.
Hi.<br /> <br /> Thanks for the information.<br /> what is the rated voltage of the battery ? i was considering changing the bat on my tomtom (same model as yours) this weekend. this advance how-to helps a lot.<br /> <br /> g
It's 3.7 volts.<br />
&nbsp;Original was 1100mAh capacity, replacement is 1200 so a slight increase in battery life too!

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