Picture of How to change engine oil for Saab 9-3
Safety Issue

If you do not have any background knowledge of repair and maintenance, please do not try yourself. This might be the most dangerous

try. This also could bring more cost to repair that one mistake can make. Safety equipment such as goggles and gloves is required, and

please do not work if you are in condition of consumption of alcohol and medication and illness. Once again, please read this carefully if

you are beyond knowledge of repair, and working with a vehicle expert is recommended.

In addition, before start, make sure the vehicle is cooled down if the vehicle was driven while ago.
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Step 1: Get prepared

Picture of Get prepared
First, in order to start changing engine oil, engine oil, filter and new gasket for drain bolt are needed. A receptacle, the tool for oil

filter cover and wretch for the tool are also needed as the figure above shows. Later, to lift a vehicle, a jack or lift and a jack stand are


Step 2: Open the hood

Picture of Open the hood
You can start with opening the hood. As most vehicles do, Saab 9-3 series has a lever on the left side below the steering to open the

hood. Pull the lever, then it allows you to open the hood.

Step 3: Remove the engine cover

Picture of Remove the engine cover
To remove the engine cover, a torx driver is needed. Do not worry even though you do not have a torx driver. Saab 9-3 series has a torx

driver in the trunk where a spare tire is located.

Step 4: Carefully move the atmosphere pressure sensor and manifold absolute pressure sensor cables that blocks the oil filter cover aside

You can just move aside the sensor cables to reach the oil filter cover. If you need more space, you can disconnect the cables.

Step 5: Open the oil filter cover with the oil filter tool.

Picture of Open the oil filter cover with the oil filter tool.
If you reach to the oil filter cover, attach the tool to the cover. Then, open the cover using a wretch.