This instructable will show you how to change a broken LCD on your Nokia. The pictures above show a Nokia 6300 classic, but it willl be the same or nearly the same with many other models of Nokia.

Why would you to have to change your LCD? Maybe because of this...

Step 1: Supplies

What you will need:

  • a Nokia mobile like mine (as you can see here, the background lightning still works but not the LCD)
  • a new LCD (you can get one on eBay for 10 to 20 Bucks.)
  • a T6 Torx-Screwdriver
This would've been great when I had my nokia!
Hahahaha damn, I busted my Nokia 6300s screen (same model shown in the instructable) 4 months ago, if only I'd seen this 4 months ago, hahahaha, I wouldnt have gone out and bought a new one, lol.<br />
<br />
.... beter way is try to open with nail start from this side...<br />
No problem, I trust you. But I just wanted to say, that it did not break at my cells and that it could brake.<br /> Thanks for the hint.<br />
trust me .... im repairing cell's .... sometime you wil find problem when remove front case like this...<br />
... green line down ... on right picc .... wil broke...<br />
... not god idea!!! Like this position wil destroy one microfone part !!!<br />
No. it doesn't.<br /> Maybe it could, but it definitely not will surely.<br /> I did it before.<br /> <br />
is it possible to use an lcd from one phone on another phone?
You mean, you wnt to use the lcd of an Nokia 6300 in another 6300? Yes, of course this is possible.
sorry for being so vague. what i meant to say is, could you use a nokia 6300 lcd on a completely different phone. i know that it wouldnt fit in the phone housing, but would the screen be functional?
btw, nice instructable
No problem. It is all about the connector/plug of the display. The male plug of the nokia lcd will probably fit into the most nokia phones female plugs. The best way would be to look after pictures of the mainboard of the desired "other phone". Maybe many lcds have the same plug.
Great instructable!
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