So you have checked the sound system, popped the popcorn and grabbed that cozy blanket in preparation for movie night with the family.  As you start to make a liter of your favorite beverage you notice that there is no carbonation left in the Co2 bottle. Good thing you have a replacement on hand… This instructable will teach you how to replace the Co2 bottle in your Sodastream beverage maker.

Disclaimer: Please use care when handling any type of pressurized canister.  Store pressurized Co2 bottles at room temperature.  Please refer to owners manual for repair information.

Step 1: Items Needed

Sodastream beverage maker with 1ltr bottle.  Cost start at $80.00

Replacement Co2 bottle.  Cost varies but relatively inexpensive
My gas cylinder does not have the bolt head on the brass fitting. What does this mean? Its empty but i want to fill it using my co2 station.
There's a machine that carbonates your drinks for you?! <br /> <br />How did this slip by me!? <br /> <br />Thanks for sharing this tip. I'll keep this in mind once I buy my Sodastream. <br /> <br />GM

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