...As the title says. A national chain wanted over $250 to do this job. I did it myself in about an hour -with tools I had around the house. It should be as quick or quicker for you, if you follow this instructable. If I had had an instructable like this, I probably could have done this in 45 minutes or less, without rushing. The parts ran me about $50.

Step 1: Tools Needed

Wheel chocks or rocks, bricks
Jack stand(s)
Breaker bar/extension
Needle nose pliers
Locking pliers or Vice Grips
Channel locks
Rubber mallet or hammer
19mm open wrench
19mm deep well socket and matching socket wrench
Spray paint or nail polish
Center punch or punch or medium sized, regular, non-high quality flat head screw driver

<p>excellent instructable!</p>
What is a staked washer in step 10 ? how do you unstake and restake (?) this washer ?
...also a &quot;centerpunch&quot; or &quot;punch&quot; is the proper tool [versus a screwdriver]
jeepers, how do i describe staking a washer?. So, say you have a flat washer, laying flat on the ground...What you are going to do is take a flat head screw driver and hold it, perpendicular to the washer, then hit the handle of the screwdriver with a hammer, vertically -as if the screwdriver were a nail. This ought to dent the washer in such a way that it is no longer flat. That is essentially staking a washer. Unstaking would be the opposite, which would be removing the dent you made. This is probably something a friend or relative could do/or show you quicker than I can describe
&nbsp;Nice work and a good homemade, i like this kind of homemade. I repare a lot of things of my mother&acute;s car and it cost me 1/10 of the cost in a repair shop, and it work&acute;s perfect. Sorry about my english . . . i&acute;m from chile and here we speak spanish, so it&acute;s not that easy write in english.&nbsp;<br /> Good bye and good luck!

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