Step 4: Removing the Castellated Nut

Remove castellated nut w/19mm socket wrench and/or breaker bar, if needed.
<p>excellent instructable!</p>
What is a staked washer in step 10 ? how do you unstake and restake (?) this washer ?
...also a &quot;centerpunch&quot; or &quot;punch&quot; is the proper tool [versus a screwdriver]
jeepers, how do i describe staking a washer?. So, say you have a flat washer, laying flat on the ground...What you are going to do is take a flat head screw driver and hold it, perpendicular to the washer, then hit the handle of the screwdriver with a hammer, vertically -as if the screwdriver were a nail. This ought to dent the washer in such a way that it is no longer flat. That is essentially staking a washer. Unstaking would be the opposite, which would be removing the dent you made. This is probably something a friend or relative could do/or show you quicker than I can describe
&nbsp;Nice work and a good homemade, i like this kind of homemade. I repare a lot of things of my mother&acute;s car and it cost me 1/10 of the cost in a repair shop, and it work&acute;s perfect. Sorry about my english . . . i&acute;m from chile and here we speak spanish, so it&acute;s not that easy write in english.&nbsp;<br /> Good bye and good luck!

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