This really is a piece of cake!

Tools required: Philips-head screwdriver, common sense.
Materials required: 12V 7AH (12 volt, 7 amp-hour) sealed lead-acid cell. Widely available from around £15, such as the Yuasa NP7-12.

The hardest part is removing the battery pack from the fabric holder. It is fixed tightly with velcro, but once you've got part this, it just slides out.

Step 1:

Lift the battery out of the plastic bucket it sits in.

You then need to remove 12 screws - five on either side and two on the bottom.

Step 2:

Slide the bottom section off, and you can now see the cell and electronics.
Remove the leads from the battery - they'll just slide off.

Step 3:

Take the protective plastic covers off the terminals of your new battery.

Step 4:

Attach the new battery, making sure to attach the red lead to the positive terminal and black to the negative.

Step 5:

Finally, put it all back together, making sure all 12 screws are just tight.
Give it a charge, and off you go!

This is not endorsed by Bowens or Yuasa and I take no responsibility for you electrocuting yourself!

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Hi, just replaced mine battery and it works perfectly with £15 battery, saving me a small fortune ;-)

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