How to change the oil in your car or truck

Picture of How to change the oil in your car or truck
I made did it at TechShop. http://www.techshop.ws

Tools needed:
Car ramps, or jack with jack stands, or vehicle lift (available at TechShop)
Wheel chocks
Wrench (open, boxed end or socket)
Oil filter wrench
Rag or paper towel
Safety glasses
Rubber or latex gloves (optional, but recommended)

Materials needed:
Motor oil (refer to your owner's manual for quantity and type)
Oil filter (refer to your owner's manual or use a look up table)

As with all instructables, read all of the directions completely, before starting your project.

Step 1: Raise the vehicle

Picture of Raise the vehicle
In order to drain out the old oil, you will need to gain access to the underside of the vehicle. This can be done by driving the vehicle up on car ramps, or even better, you can use the vehicle lift at TechShop. The vehicle shown here is a 1994 Corvette, and is loo low to the ground to be able to use car ramps. Thank you TechShop!

Whether you use ramps or a lift, be sure to set your vehicle's parking brake, and use wheel chocks to secure it.
f5mando3 years ago
You don't need to fill the filter with oil. Run the engine for a couple of minutes after the filter and oil change. The filter will now be full of oil. Engine off, let the oil drain for a minute before checking the dipstick before adding the amount of oil that (by the dipstick) went into the filter.
lime3D (author)  f5mando3 years ago
It certainly doesn't hurt anything to do this step.
Very well made! One question though, what if you oil filter go in verticaly? I have never heard of filling it with oil before installing it. So, how would i fill the filter even 3/4 way full if i have to tip it sideways?
lime3D (author)  RocketPenguin3 years ago
Did you mean to say 'horizontally' instead of 'vertically'?

If you have to turn the filter completly on its side for installation, you could try filling the filter, and let it sit for several minutes, to let the oil soak into the paper elements inside. Then pour the oil out, into the funnel, and into the engine.

The filter may not be 'full' of oil, but at least the paper elements will be completely saturated.

This step is not critical, but it is beneficial when you first start your engine after the oil change.
Oops. Ya, i meant horizontally. my brain is on a vacation. Ok. so just soak, then dumb the oil out. I take it as it is more acurate and you have to add less oil ounce started?
lime3D (author)  RocketPenguin3 years ago
It is not so much about how much oil you need to add after it is started, as it is about the engine oil pressure.

If you put in 5 quarts, but with a dry filter, your engine has to pump oil into the filter when it is first started. This means that other areas of your engine are momentarily starved of oil.

Again, this step is not critical, and I am sure some people will say that it is completely unnecessary, but it certainly does not hurt to do it if you can.

Just be sure to check your oil level again, after you've driven for a day.
I usualy do check the oil after day, i just never heard of putting oil in the new filter... I will keep it in mind though, and try it out on the next oil i change!