How to change the oil in your car or truck


Step 4: Install the filter and plug

Picture of Install the filter and plug
While you wait for the oil to finish dripping from the oil pan, go ahead and pour some new oil into the new filter. Pre-filling the filter will allow your car to have proper oil pressure when you first start it up after the oil change. Be sure to pour the oil into the center opening, and allow it to soak into the filter elements inside. (You probably want to use a funnel for this). It doesn't need to be completely full (that might make it harder to install anyway), but 3/4 full is pretty good. You also need to apply some of the clean oil to the rubber gasket (your finger is fine for that).

Spin the new filter back on to the engine. (Righty tighty) When you feel the filter go all the way on and stop, continue tightening by hand, an additional 1/4 to 3/4 turn. It may actually be more depending on your filter, so check the directions on the package.

Retreive the drain plug and re-install it in the oil pan with your wrench. It should be snug, but not overly tight.

Wipe off any drips with your rag.