what was this deleted or something? there is absolutely nothing here. no pictures, no text, not even a pixel.
I used a skull lego head. \m/(>.<)\m/
I wouldn't be all that proud about owning that guitar, Just because they look nice but sound horrible
they dont sound horrible. Mine sounds like a dream,
Dude just so you know, its called toggle switch tip. Nice adaptive idea of replacing a switch tip but have a more affirming and accurate way of phrasing your steps. Like know what the switch tip was or what the Lego is made out of. Just a constructive suggestion :)
lol i have the same guitar sounded terrible so iput some EMG's in it sounds great&nbsp; now<br />
i have a gibson Les Paul classic with a nice sunset orange finish
Nice... how much did you get it for?
almost $3000
<p>les paul ftw dude.</p>
lol dude what you shouldhv done would build one yourslef using same wiring, knobs, pickups etc: dude i do this all the time the price can range from(making ) about $200 to sometimes $700 dollars its crazy but cheaper just take more time to do it
cept it would look terrible and wouldnt sound the same, and wouldnt be an actual les paul.
acua;;y they dont sound bad their acuallty like customes too more choices they sound just as good if uo know what ur doin<br /> it doesnt look that bad either if you paint wrighte just requiers skills<br /> <br /> <br /> go on youtube ook for people who did this its really cool
put nail polish on the scratch
Aye aye aye, i thought u were around 13, howd u get the money?
I gots a warlock pretty good to I love to have a beast to go with it
OMG!!! you have a Warlock! I hate you! P.S. Beast looks better ;)
Haha.<br/>Agreed, the Beast <em>does</em> look better. ;-)<br/>
haha. i like that. you could probably do the same thing for the tone and volume knobs. i made a knob for the volume that "goes to 11." good instructable
nope, i tried it. doesnt fit.
oh well. i guess you can only stretch a lego head so far!
interesting. i would have never thought of using a lego head for that... i have a tone pot with no cover... i wonder if one would fit that...
Thanks, glad you like it. I'm not sure if the lego head would fit the tone pot, you can try though. Actually.. I don't know. Maybe the big hole of the Lego head would fit the tone pot, you can try, if it works, post a picture!
yeah, it definitely doesn't fit. its nearly as big around as the head. i found the original knob for it today though. it was hiding under some stuff on my desk.
kool instructable hey dose anybody know wat type of guitar that is?
It's a Bc Rich Warlock model

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