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    what was this deleted or something? there is absolutely nothing here. no pictures, no text, not even a pixel.

    I used a skull lego head. \m/(>.<)\m/

    I wouldn't be all that proud about owning that guitar, Just because they look nice but sound horrible

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    they dont sound horrible. Mine sounds like a dream,

    Dude just so you know, its called toggle switch tip. Nice adaptive idea of replacing a switch tip but have a more affirming and accurate way of phrasing your steps. Like know what the switch tip was or what the Lego is made out of. Just a constructive suggestion :)

    lol i have the same guitar sounded terrible so iput some EMG's in it sounds great  now

    cept it would look terrible and wouldnt sound the same, and wouldnt be an actual les paul.

    Nice... how much did you get it for?

    Aye aye aye, i thought u were around 13, howd u get the money?

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    I gots a warlock pretty good to I love to have a beast to go with it

    OMG!!! you have a Warlock! I hate you! P.S. Beast looks better ;)

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    Agreed, the Beast does look better. ;-)

    haha. i like that. you could probably do the same thing for the tone and volume knobs. i made a knob for the volume that "goes to 11." good instructable

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