The title says it all.

Step 1: 1. We Need Resource Hacker

DISCLAIMER! Please, Please, please back up your files before trying this. It involves the registry and explorer.exe I know what i'm doing, but still back up your files first.

Get resource hacker at this site and then install and then go to the next step. If you have resource hacker, go to step 2

Step 2: Explore!

Now that we're in resource hacker, File\open. then go to C:\ (or wherever windows is installed) and go to the WINDOWS directory then open up explorer.exe

Step 3: Change Text

Now go in String Table\34\1033 In the value 533, change the text to whatever you want BUT KEEP THE QUOTES! Use the \n switch to move the text after the \n switch on the next line. DO NOT SAVE THE FILE!
Use the SAVE AS command instead so you have a backup copy of explorer. Name the new copy explorer1.exe


Please see the comment bu smmiller506. I forgot to include an important step!

Step 4: Ta-dah

Here it is.

I would love to see images of your text so send them 2 craigdog@shaw.ca
Nice background. LOL
cant we just post them on the instructable comments?
wait. i thought it was gonna change the text of the button. how do i do that since this only changed the pop-up...
Why is this just a repost? I think this will be the third Instructable on how to do this, and I cannot see any great distinction between this one and the most recent other one. Also please, I will die if I ever have to see the default xp theme again, Google "Royale Noir Xp theme" download the package and follow the instructions. (I hope this comment was constructive, and didn't destruct the site :P)
Would you prefer the windows classic theme? TGT
For those of you that don't know about \n, it does this TGTGTGTGT\nTGTGTGTGT. That would look like this: TGTGTGTGT TGTGTGTGT TGT
I like &quot;NOTE: SP2 IS NOTORIOUS TO CRASH WHEN YOU DO THIS SO PLEASE BACKUP EVERYTHING ON YOUR HD!&quot;<br/><br/>How many people do you think are going to try this? (I'm not)<br/>And can you not tell us how to do this with <strong>regedit</strong>?<br/><br/>L<br/>
Check out the comment by smmiller506, and plus, how can I not tell you how to do this without regedit when there is not any sign of regedit in here? TGT
<strong>smmiller506</strong> seems to have told us how to with regedit.<br/>When I asked my question I meant &quot;can you tell us how to do this with regedit&quot;. By phrasing this to the effect of &quot;is there a reason why you didn't just use regedit&quot;, I seem not to have made myself clear (apologies).<br/><br/>L<br/>
To tell you the truth, I haven't a clue how to just do this with only regedit. Sorry. TGT
It is important to know that for this to work, you must change a registry setting for it to automatically load whenever Windows is loaded.<br/><br/>Start --&gt; Run --&gt; Regedit<br/>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --&gt; SOFTWARE --&gt; Microsoft --&gt; Windows NT --&gt; Winlogon<br/>In the right-hand panel: Shell<br/>Change value to the name of your edited version of Windows from Resource Hacker.<br/><br/>Also, in String Table --&gt; <strong>37</strong> --&gt; 1033, you can change the start button to say whatever you want, however, the use of the search function from the right-click menu is lost for some reason.<br/>

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