Apple Service, and an original apple RAM for what matters, are quite expensive.

It is really useful if you can do the change or upgrade yourself - and it is easy!!!

Just be careful if it is the first time you do so, be gentle...

  • Cheaper or 2nd hand RAMs are available online in multiple platforms.

Check the video if you want to "see" the process. happening.

Step 1: Dismantling, Replacing, Putting It Together

Follow the pictures / video steps.

It should take between 5 and 15min, depending on your expertise.

Essentially. A macbook is screwed together. Even "unibody"s are screwed together.

  • Find a screwdriver that fits those small screws and be gentle with them - you don't want to break them. (Tip: keep all the screws in the same place or container, such as an emply glass of water.. you'll need them!)
  • Notice that there are 3 longer ones - remember where they were screwed.
  • Remove the cover, and locate the RAM slots.
  • Gently remove the original RAM from the slot - you will need to "open" the slots a little, there are plastic bars that can be gently open wide, and the RAM should just "pop out". Simply help them, and then remove them.
  • Place the new RAM in those slots.
  • Put the cover back, and don't forget to screw each screw at each place!

You're the prowd owner of an upgraded MacBook now!

<p>Nice work. Thanks for sharing this!</p>
<p>Thanks to you... its just a pleasure!</p>

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