Step 3: Select English (pirate)

After clicking that button select English (Pirate) from the list of languages that pop up.

Simple & fun. Check out all the cool things that have changed. like poke is poke with your dagger.

Its pretty intense.

You can also do upside down. Just click English (Upside Down)

Thanks for reading my first instructable.

<p>Thanks! :)</p>
<p>good job! </p>
<p>EPIC!!<br>That was so cool! i was going mad and my family thought i was drinking during the day!</p><p>Thanks matey!</p>
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This is great! Thank you!
their leetspeak is better
EPIC! i was doing this in a computer shop and i was staring laughing and everyone had this weird stares at me
Wow i totally forgot i made this......

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