Note: This Instructable is for Windows 7 Starter Edition ONLY. Do not follow these instructions if you're using another version of Windows 7. This is also my very first Instructable, so criticism is wanted. This will show you how to change your boring single wallpaper in Windows 7 Starter if you use the Windows 7 Basic Color Scheme. 

Step 1: Step 1: Open Computer on your desktop

This first step is incredibly easy, but for the computer new guy here's what you do:
Go to your desktop
Open Computer
Proceed to Step 2.
<p>Hmm if you are bored of windows 7(starter edition to be exact), update it to windows 10 by using this tool provided by Microsoft. http://standaloneinstaller.com/download-media-creation-tool-window-10-downloader</p>
It won't work ?
<p>maybe you want to use some of these for your desktop too - http://www.tomswallpapers.com/31770-the%20rest-guardian-each-dog.html</p>
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<p>same i have a black backround</p>
i have a black background now. <br>help plz
I did exactly what you said several times but my background is dark red please help me
will i be able to change it again ?
I did all the steps but when i try to replace the image i get &quot;You need permission to preform this action.&quot;
whyni can't apply it.... i did it to the last' id paste and a renamed it but it did not work.... <br>
hey can i ask please help me . my wallpaper is gone its black now coz i forgot to copy before replacing please help me man . please
i am already being tired to change my wallpaper in windows 7 starter please can u help me to do that
crazy_unka it is not you it is the way simdriverx made the steps
i have my picture copied and pasted but how do i turn it into my wallpaper?!?!?! <br> HELP!!
finally i got the right procedure.....in changing my wallpaper..... nice thank you......(*_*)...<br>
its cause you gotta add full control to your user, here's the url:<br>http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itprogeneral/thread/1915d5bf-9068-4134-8d3c-bef7701a2211/<br><br>...just copy paste it if you want
i followed all the steps but nothing happen..i think something is very wrong
I've tried it many times but then when I already put img0 in the image nothing happen I can't still use my picture for a wallpaper...HELP&gt;&gt;&gt;
i followed instructions 1 to 4 but can't find img0. please help.
Not bad, though I think the actual order of folders is Windows -&gt; Web -&gt; Wallpaper -&gt; Windows... at least it is on my Acer Aspire One, so it could be different on other computers. Also, like Ranie-K, I can't actually replace the img0 file. Maybe there's some trick to doing that, and if so, including it would be great. Otherwise, easy to follow and probably works.
man, i'm really sorry.. but your explanation sucks.. <br>you talked about &quot;web&quot; folder before we entered &quot;windows&quot;.. WHY? your final step sends us back to step number 4?! what da heck? <br>order of thing, step by step.. it is important.<br>well, may be it's me.. but i didn't understand how did you change the pic at the end.<br>but thank you for your tutorial any way.<br>really no offence.. <br><br><br>
My computer doesn't allow me to replace that file. Yours does?

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