How to change/add themes on the Playstation 3

NOTICE: This article is getting pretty old and no longer own a PS3 anymore, I'm now a strictly PC gamer. This may or may not be relevant anymore but feel free to use it for your reference.

Tired of that old boring Playstation theme? It's easy to spice it up with something new and exciting. Don't be fooled into buying the snazzy premium themes in the Playstation Store, you can get just as good (if not better) themes on the web for free.

What you'll need:
- Playstation 3
- Computer with internet
- Removable media that is compatible with your Playstation such as a flash drive or a portable hard drive (an iPod could work).
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Step 1: Load up your trusty (or not so trusty) web browser

If you're looking to change your theme you'll first have to find a theme to replace it with! Keep in mind that some themes are of much better quality then others. If you just so happen to get a broken theme try to look for another one that's working.

Good websites to find new themes include: (Deutsch)

When you find some themes you like create a folder inside your removable media named PS33 (without the quotes) and make a subfolder named THEME within that folder. Now drag and drop the theme you downloaded (it should be .p3t) into the THEME subfolder.

Step 2: Copy your theme to your Playstation 3

Plug your removable media into the Playstation. On the Main Menu go to Settings > Theme Settings > [Theme] > select [Install]. Now select the theme that was saved on your removable media and it will be installed and can now be selected to become your current Playstation theme.
well mine doesnt shine like that but maybe cuz mine is scratched up a bit. btw i use ps3-themes all the time. awesome site. good recomendation.
jkr394 years ago
UMMMM......... i tried this with the usb but it wont work i made the folders and every thing but it wont work please help!

cammel8 jkr393 years ago
Try chabging the folder to ps3 instead of ps33 that worked for me. 
He typo'd
CrashMGD4 years ago
It can never be to glossy
Solderguy5 years ago
Well it's bullet-proof, so I'm guessing there must be secret alien technology embedded in the finish.
ajama15 years ago
its just u
its 2 glossy

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