How to charge an iPhone/iPod with a camera charger

In this instructable, i am using my brother's camera charger to charge my iPod touch. As long as the charger is USB, it should work. If you mess up and destroy your charger/iphone/ipod, I am not responsible.
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Step 2: Plug your ipod into the charger.

Now we will plug the iPod charger into the camera charger.
You don't say!
why is this an instructable?
I was demonstrating that some devices not specifically made for Apple products can still be used.
ggarnier1 year ago
It would seem that the lesson here is that the 5V supply on a USB plug is a voltage source, not a current source. Just because an iPad charger can deliver more than (the minimum USB spec) 500 mA, doesn't mean it forces any more current into a device than it requires.

It would be good, though, if someone could confirm the comment about other (non-charging) lines on an iPod connector needing a dummy load across them before a charge is accepted.
klaurson2 years ago
Yea, great, but its pure beginners luck if it happens to work. Out of AC USB chargers I would say less than work this way. There is amps to start with (Apple demands more than average, iPad 2.1A). Crappy UBS AC chargers have voltages all over the place (not 5.0V, but 4 or 6 or whatever). Is there harm is trying random chargers? Probably not.

How about doing some investigation into this science (find the acceptable Volt and Amp ranges for different Apple devices)?

Finding a 12V car charger that works with all iOS devices was much more of a challenge. How to identify one that will work would be actually worthy of a Instructable.
i liked it. who cares what they say dsmp.
Weldeon (author)  joeydavies283 years ago
Thanks :D
is this a joke?
Weldeon (author)  makincoolstuff3 years ago
gto30003 years ago
it wont charge an iphone unless it has the dummy load on the data lines
Data643 gto30003 years ago
Very True.
siamonsez3 years ago
really? yeah, it's got usb and it's plugged in and it's charging, it's a usb charger!
btw, is there a youtube video for this because I'm kinda confused. haha.
i see what you did there...
Weldeon (author)  siamonsez3 years ago
The charger was made for a camera, not an iPod/iPhone. That is kinda why I made it.
Yeah, but a usb charger is a usb charger is a usb charger. They are all more or less interchangeable save for amperage output, and I think if you looked at any other ibles involving usb you could figure out that most people around here already know that.
Weldeon (author)  siamonsez3 years ago
This is true, but some people didn't know, so i just wanted to point it out, that is all.
Zachintosh3 years ago
I've been doing this for a year and a half...noob
Weldeon (author)  Zachintosh3 years ago
Cool story bro
Ok is this a joke seriously LOL
It seams to be the theme of most of his
stating the obvious!!!
i have to say it made me laugh!
okoshima3 years ago
congrats you show something 99% of people already know... the other 1% do not own any usb chargers