Introduction: How to Charge Phone With Orange

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OmgDiyMasters (author)2015-09-16

so cool I made it amazing

mellowdog (author)2015-03-18

sorry, how was this built again ? lol the quickest instructable ever !!! jokes

EmcySquare (author)2013-04-15

Does it actually charge the battery or is it just the "contact" that sets the phone to "I'm plugged mode" ??
Sometime, in those experiments, including with solar pannels (without diodes) the battery was actually discharging...

macobt (author)EmcySquare2013-04-15

In my next video I will show how is made.

jabujavi (author)2013-04-14

Instructable => HowTo's...

macobt (author)jabujavi2013-04-14

In my next video I will show how is made.

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