I have seen many things ( not only Instructables) on generating power with the OLD Mindstorms lego set. However there have been no new ones. Since I couldn't find instructions on how to charge an mp3 player with the NEW set, I set off to do it on my own. I was able to do it, but found many other uses for the NEW lego mindstorms NXT and many ways to create power with it. Mp3 player chargers can use up lots of energy and this can get rid of it all so I hope you like my Instructable and use it to "green" up your day!

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Step 1: The Beginning

First, we are going to learn about the servo motors that come in the lego mindstorms NXT kit. These are our main tools because they will generate power. We can test this by first connecting a motor to another motor with one of the cables included in the kit. As you spin on of the motors, you can see that the other one spins too, showing that the motor is generating power. This is very basic, but it plays a big role in the final product.

***The second picture shows how to build the crank I used throughout my Instructable, it works very well but it helps to superglue the pieces together as legos can fall apart easily.
Does it really works?
Yes, this can really work. The NXT motor acts as a power generator when you manually crank it. However, see my answer below to Etch3's question.
wont that ruin your mindstorn?
This won't hurt the NXT motor. <br> <br>The power generated by the motor, however, could be too much for whatever it's connected to. If you crank in the wrong direction, too fast, or too slow, you're generating a different power level than the MP3 player, or other device, is expecting, <br> <br>So, there's a chance it'll hurt the device you've connected it to. But it won't hurt the motor.
only the cord, which you can easily replace
I liked the idea of attaching it to the hamster&acute;s wheel!!! :D
i thought you were supposed to keep the red and black wires
no white and black
Are the&quot;small wires&quot; you speak of on the female usb the metal pins, or insulated wire, P.S. How do yo get the plastic of of the female usb?
You Should add a 5V Regulator, so you dont' have to be Careful how Quick youre' Crankin'.<br />
good idea<br />
great instuctable!<br />
&nbsp;very nice dude ! simple and well explained thank you!
I am pretty shure you could save your cable if you just use cat 3 cable (phone line), with a normal phone jack and just snap and sand off the little prong, that is there to keep it connected, so it will fit. I know it will not stay as securely but it saves you the cable.&nbsp;&nbsp; =)<br />

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