Step 2: Disection!!!!!!

In this next step we are going to have to do what most lego owners would hate to do, take them apart. What we have to do is cut one of your connecting cables in half. If you don't want to do it, either suck it up or order new ones at the lego site, here I'll even give you a linkhttp://shop.lego.com/Product/?p=8529 :) Ok, now strip off a good chunk of the black casing. You will see six wires under it. Cut off the four colorful ones but leave the black and white wires on the end. Now string some of the casing off of them and either twist or tin the exposed wire. This opens loads of opportunities just waiting to happen.
Does it really works?
Yes, this can really work. The NXT motor acts as a power generator when you manually crank it. However, see my answer below to Etch3's question.
wont that ruin your mindstorn?
This won't hurt the NXT motor. <br> <br>The power generated by the motor, however, could be too much for whatever it's connected to. If you crank in the wrong direction, too fast, or too slow, you're generating a different power level than the MP3 player, or other device, is expecting, <br> <br>So, there's a chance it'll hurt the device you've connected it to. But it won't hurt the motor.
only the cord, which you can easily replace
I liked the idea of attaching it to the hamster&acute;s wheel!!! :D
i thought you were supposed to keep the red and black wires
no white and black
Are the&quot;small wires&quot; you speak of on the female usb the metal pins, or insulated wire, P.S. How do yo get the plastic of of the female usb?
You Should add a 5V Regulator, so you dont' have to be Careful how Quick youre' Crankin'.<br />
good idea<br />
great instuctable!<br />
&nbsp;very nice dude ! simple and well explained thank you!
I am pretty shure you could save your cable if you just use cat 3 cable (phone line), with a normal phone jack and just snap and sand off the little prong, that is there to keep it connected, so it will fit. I know it will not stay as securely but it saves you the cable.&nbsp;&nbsp; =)<br />

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