Can't afford Photoshop? Want to edit a photo, and not care how it looks? Well, here's an instructable perfect for your example problem!


I haven't made a Ible' since...2014? Here's one...

Step 1: Go to Your Picture, and Click "Open"

Once you get your pic, go to it and open it. Then, click "Open" at the top of the browser, and select "Paint".

Step 2: Edit

There's a bunch of options to edit with, but today we're pasting faces to the Spider-Men.

To find the faces, just search "Chuck Norris" and once your past the amazing Chuck Norris fact memes (Which are very educational), use "Snipping tool" and select "Free-form snip" and snip out some faces.

Step 3: Perfect Your Pic, and Print It for Generations to See

Once your done with your Masterpiece (If it is a masterpiece, like mine), print it out in fancy paper, frame it, and then the world will know how much of a Chuck Norris-Artist you were once were in the year 4023 in a museum guarded by B1 Battle Droids and T-888 Terminators.

Hope this helped.

*slow clap*
<p>Good, that's still working. </p>
or you just download adobe Photoshop cs2 which is offered as a free download on the adobe website<br><br>http://www.adobe.com/downloads/cs2_downloads/index.html
<p>Or, make an amazing painting of Chuck Norris. Your choice XD</p>
u like it?
<p>Hmm...Needs more Chuck Norris. </p>
Or you just download a program call gimp (gnu image manipulating program) from gimp.org its got a ton more options than paint!
<p>Or make a Chuck Norris masterpiece. </p>

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