Introduction: How to Cheat at Chess Using an Iphone or Ipod Touch

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This is an instructables on how to cheat at chess using an iphone or ipod touch

it will take about a minuite to get running

No jailbreaking needed

Its increadibly simple and will make you win at chess against most people

Step 1: Download Ichess (free)

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Go to the app store on your ipod/ iphone and download ichess (free). Its free just incase you didn't know.

BTW there is also a paid version of ichess, so if you've already bought the paid version theres no need to download the free version.

Step 2: How to Use It

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now i know what you're thinking how do I use this ichess thing to make me win at chess

well it's simple

First of all start it up. With the free version it wil ask you if you want to buy the paid version. After a while a white close icon will come at the bottom of the screen. click on it.

It will then show a chess board

click on settings ( the cogs at the bottom right corner)

now go on players at the bottom right of the screen

Now lets say you are playing as blacks. select the black player as computor, Move the difficulty level bar to Level 5 . Select the white player as Human.

Now click Done at the top right of the screen

Now you're ready to play

Step 3: Playing

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to make it easier to understand VB means (virtual board - the one onthe ipod)
RB means (real board - the on in real life)

Remember on The RB you are blacks

double click on the screen. blacks should now be at the bottom of the VB

As you are playing as blacks, on the RB your opponent will go first

imagine they move the pawn in front of the king forward 2 spaces on the RB

on the VB replicate the move exactly using the white pieces

The blacks on your VB will automatically move a piece

now do the same move on the RB


keep doing this until you've won, easy

Step 4: Excuses, Excuses

Picture of Excuses, Excuses

Now that you're tapping away at your iphone during a chess game your opponent will probably be wondering what your doing

Here are ways to hide what your doing:

1. hide it under the table on your lap and keep your left hand (if you're right handed) constantly under the table so when they do their move pretend to be thinking when you're actually tapping away at your iphone

2. put your headphones on and leave it on the table but at an angle so they cant see what your doing. When its time to put in your opponents move on the VB they will probably think you are changing song or adjusting volume

3. Just go for it! Just do it, make sure they don't see the screen and hope they don't ask what your doing. If they do make up an excuse like im replying to an e-mail or something

Feel free to suggest other ways to do it


Gilan (author)2014-10-08

Technically they still haven't programmed computers smart enough to beat chess masters, (good enough to beat just about any one else though ;) )

bobobddob (author)Gilan2015-05-10

Actually, they have. And a long time ago too. A computer named Deep Blue beat World Champion Gary Kasparov in 1996. No human player has ever had a rating of over 3000, but the smartest chess comptuer (Stockfish) currently has a rating of 3173.


SochimaN (author)bobobddob2016-04-15

Only reason it beat him was cause of a glitch that Kasparov thought was the computer setting him up and since he didn't see the answer he chose not to take the risk

Gilan (author)bobobddob2015-05-11

well then your probably right I just remember a book saying computers CAN beat chess masters but on average the chess masters win, maybe the book was outdated?

youngman123 (author)Gilan2015-06-01

Way outdated search up stockfish.

Stephen Le (author)2015-11-10

Also you may do it online from any device.

I usualy use to calculate next move.

chinstrap44 (author)Stephen Le2015-11-30

Looks like a knockoff of NCM is like a milion lightyears ahead!

boom21 (author)2014-01-08

There's a website that does this: You can drag and drop pieces anywhere and it tells you what the best next move is.

zetsway (author)2013-10-03

I hate cheaters :p

FrozenIce (author)2012-09-28

OH MY GOODNESS!! The first look at the tittle and the iPhone app and i knew what you were up to :) truly GENIUS!!

deusXmchna (author)2011-03-20

I'm thinkin' if you weren't smart enough to know how to do this, you probably shouldn't engage in risky behaviors like feeding yourself or walking.

People have been using computers to cheat at chess since... computers were programmed to play chess.

rihat5 (author)2009-12-30

nice instructible, ill be using this in the future. Look out Viswanthan Anand here i come!!?


Jimpiedepimpie (author)2009-08-24

The idea of this thing is: You imitate your opponents moves with the white team And you redo what the bot does.

lemonie (author)2009-04-11

"they will probably think you are changing song or adjusting volume" oh yeah... L

tjk94 (author)lemonie2009-07-03

I always change my song and/or volume well it's my turn.

J@50n (author)2009-06-30

great instructable!

baudeagle (author)2009-04-17

Wouldn't it be a little more interesting to actually learn to play the game for your self rather than rely this technology?

tahirhh (author)baudeagle2009-04-21

i know it does get boring following orders from a computor, but if you want to win, this is the way to do it.

geekazoid (author)tahirhh2009-05-08

yea. Your kind-of looking at the wrong instructable. This is cheating, If you want real strategies, look 'em up on the internet.

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