This tutorial walks you through how I checked and changed my Mass Air Flow sensor using the tools available at TechShop San Francisco.  People usually say "I made it at TechShop!"  But I guess this really is more of a "I fixed it at TechShop!"

Tools you will need:
Security Torx Screwdriver set
Flathead Screwdriver
Multimeter (I used Techshop's Rigol DM3058 Multimeter, but a handheld will work just fine).
Mass Air Flow Cleaner (available at your local autoparts store)

The Mass Air Flow Sensor sits within your cars air hose and lets the cars computer know how much air is flowing into the engine.  This allows the computer to adjust to achieve an appropriate ratio of air and fuel (and spark) in a fuel injection engine.

On a 1999 Subaru Forester, the MAF Sensor is located on the passenger side, on the air hose that comes off of the air filter.  The one in the picture below has a blue stripe on the top.

Step 1: Open Air Filter Cover

1) Undo the metal clasps on the Air Filter Cover (rectangular plastic box shape abbutting the passenger side.
2) Lift up on the cover.
It's amazing how many car parts can last longer with routine maintenance. Thank you for sharing, I will try and track down my MAF Sensor on my honda.

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