How to check if a game will run on your computer before you buy the game.

Picture of How to check if a game will run on your computer before you buy the game.
I recently acquired Call of Duty 4 from a friend (for free I might add) because wouldn't run on his computer. Well, his computer is fairly new, and it baffled me why it wouldn't run. So after a couple hours of searching the internet, I came across this website. When you select the game from the drop down menu and click the "Can you run it?" button, it will review your computer's specs. and list rather the game is compatible with your computer or not. It will show the recommended specs. and the minimum specs. to run that specific game. And if the game isn't compatible, it will show what components you need to upgrade to run the game.
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Step 1: Visit the website

Picture of Visit the website
First you need to visit this site, see the left side that says
"Find out if you can run that game on your PC"? click the button underneath it that says "Can YOU run it?"

Step 2: Test your computer

Picture of Test your computer
Now to test your computer for compatibility. From the drop-down list, select the game that you wish to run. After you selected your game, click the "Can you RUN it" button. This will take you to a new page.

Step 3: Analyzing data and results

Picture of Analyzing data and results
This next page will analyze the data, if you are a Windows Vista user then UAC(User Account Control) will pop up and ask for permission, click yes as this is not harmful. Now your results will appear...It appears that I failed...:(

Step 4: Finish

Picture of Finish
Well now you know how to check to see if you can run your game without having to drive all the way to the Local Generic Superstore near you, buy the game, wait 45 minutes to install it, find out that it won't run, and then run back to the store to return it. So I hope that I helped, and saved you the hassle of the return.
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ragamv7 months ago

Can You Run It is a site which cannot be trusted as it said watch dogs will not work on my pc but it worked.

rsingh223 years ago
i dont trust can you run it because it said i cant run call of duty modern warfare 2 and i bought the game anyway and it works perfectly
Bragon284 years ago
Yay call of duty modern warfare 2 and call of duty world at war will work on my computer
bounty10125 years ago
Lol, dont feel sad, my pc wont run the recommended for Modern warfare either xD
plzhelp5 years ago
Thanks heaps! If only I knew this before I bought Call of Duty World at War and didn't get my money back because I lost the reciept!
Dan16 years ago
A computer that's over the recommended specs for Crysis must be $5000+.
awang8 Dan16 years ago
No, actually you can get one for $1500, provided you shop around for the parts and assemble it yourself.
Hoboman (author)  awang86 years ago
built mine runs it great, built it for around 500-600 thats about mid-minimum-recommended
punkatsub6 years ago
You know you could just overclock your computer, but of course that would degrade your computer's health, well if you put the game on to low quality then changed it back, to the original state.
Fizzxwizz6 years ago
How long is it supposed to take to download? Because I've waited about 5 minutes and it's still on the first bar! I'm using FireFox and I also have the pop-up blocker disabled like it says so why isnt it working?
Hoboman (author)  Fizzxwizz6 years ago
That sometimes happens to me, I usually refresh my page and it works fine.
it =still= doesn't work! Any suggestions?
Hoboman (author)  Fizzxwizz6 years ago
It works on Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Media Center, and Vista. Are you running one of those OSes? You will also need to give your permission to download the secure ActiveX/Java browser component. Did you give your permission? .
1. I'm using XP 2. It doesnt ask me for permission.
Hoboman (author)  Fizzxwizz6 years ago
#2 is maybe your problem
How do I fix it?
Hoboman (author)  Fizzxwizz6 years ago
hmmm, try it with IE
Hoboman (author)  Hoboman6 years ago
If that doesn't work, stay in Internet Explorer. Go to the Tools menu, click Internet Options. On the Advanced tab, scroll down to the Security section of the list. Select the "Allow active content to run in files on My Computer" check box, and then click OK. Restart IE and try it again. (After it works/fails, un-check that box, as it lowers security on IE.) If that doesn't work, I'm sorry my friend, I just cannot help. :(
It worked on IE :D I fail!
Hoboman (author)  Fizzxwizz6 years ago
AH! There we go, I knew we'd find a solution!
heres a sad fact that in the state of California you cannot return an opened computer game
Fizzxwizz6 years ago
I can run COD4 on my computer and its like 6 years old lol.(i think) It Has a floppy drive. BUT I have a good graphics card.
Hoboman (author)  Fizzxwizz6 years ago
I see, I think that the graphics card is the most important.
Rockerx6 years ago
yaa! I can run half-life 2 i was worried i couldnt because i already bought it. But the only thing i dont like a bout this site is that they dont have garrys mod 10 on the list. oh well ill just have to try it and see. Thanks!
Hoboman (author)  Rockerx6 years ago
Well, its still good to see u can run half-life. I'm not familiar with "garrys mod 10," is that a game, or is it a mod for half-life 2?
Rockerx Hoboman6 years ago
mod. you can take almost everything from half life 2 and use it like in a physics sandbox it looks pretty fun
Hoboman (author)  Rockerx6 years ago
thats cool. I'm gonna have to look into that.
Rockerx Hoboman6 years ago
heres a video on some stuff in it
Hoboman (author)  Rockerx6 years ago
k, thanks
I have run Garry's Mod 10 on both my computer (3.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce FX 5200) and my family's computer (Dell with similar specs, but with 2.8 GHz and LOADS of crap running at startup). I have Orange Box, Counter Strike: Source, and Garry's Mod 10 on both computers (Runs much better on mine) and they run. What you need to make sure of is the amount of things running at startup. Also, a new graphics card makes a hell of a deference. I need to upgrade my card and my RAM, though once I do, I might have a capable gaming rig that could run all my games at 1440x900 (My monitor's resolution) and look as good as CS:S (That can be bumped up to 1440x900).
thats like with me.our computers....ok. its from 2004 with windows xp but it has a great graphics card. the one thing i need to get is more RAM. it only has 256mb. which is making it slow at running some games like sims 2. should i upgrade or buy a new computer. what do you think?
If you have the money, get a new computer. If an upgrade will cost more than $300, get a new PC, though in your case, you might want to get a new PC because of its age.
thats what i was thinking but the computers is over almost all of the requirements for new games except for RAM so...ill just see if i can get a cheap couple of cards that'll work and test it out .though i would like a new computer but thats up to my parents. oh well i guess ill see what happens!
Make sure that the RAM is compatible. What model and brand is your computer? I bet I can give you a recommendation.
I've found the specifications online here(I have the celron D processor) but thanks for offering. i do need to find a place to buy it however . do you have any recommendations for that?
Look for PC-2700 DDR 400 RAM. I recommend putting in 512 MB of RAM, If when you go to put it in and both slots are filled, just take one out as they will be both 128 MB and it doesn't matter if one goes. Also make sure it is pushed down until it clicks and both little arms go down. If it doesn't fit, flip it around!
Ok, Thanks! I was also wondering, I read somewhere that when you put in RAM and have two slots for it in your computer, that the two RAM's have to have the same amount of space. Is this true or can you have one slot with 128mb and the other with 512mb?
You don't have to, though it goes a tinny bit faster, though there isn't much difference. a 512 and a 128 will be fine.
Thanks for your help. I've been kinda confused on how it all works, but now I know! Thanks again!
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