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Ok, this is my first drawing how-to and the lightings bad, I know. Hope you like!

Step 1:

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This is what you need. You can also do pens.

Step 2:

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Draw the basic frame-work. I didn't erase anything yet.

Step 3:

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Erase and draw the basic face.

Step 4:

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Draw the hair and hat w/ final detials.

Step 5:

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draw coat and beggining of snow hill.

Step 6:

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finish up.

Step 7:

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start the other one.

Step 8:

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Draw the face detials.

Step 9:

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draw the hair.

Step 10:

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draw some clothes please!

Step 11:

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finish up and sign.
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Step 12:

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Add some words 'cuz your so awesome.


cmart592 (author)2013-10-25

Thank you for you chibi characters--especially the finished drawing!--
Now I am able to make chibi manga thanks to your help!

Dusk Shadows (author)2012-07-19

Love your chibi!

Thanks! :)

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Bio: I am a artsy-fartsy type of a person. i love to draw anime(manga too)and write. My fav muffin is banana nut. X3
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