Picture of How to choose an airsoft gun.
Please note this is a collaboration between Oniman7 and jakee117.

Each step will be a different class of guns, with a listing and a description/suggestion.
Also, there will be only a general description. If you want more information about a certain gun, such as where to by it, please either reply or send a private message to oniman7 or jakee117.

Step 1: What are your uses?

Picture of What are your uses?
So, you've decided you'd like to get in to the wonderful world of airsoft? well, Oniman and I, Jakee117, are here to help.

what style of gaming do you like best? CQB(close quarters battle)?, Field?
Certain guns are suited to certain environments.
for example, an m16 would not be the best for cqb, considering it could prove very unwieldly around corners, whereas the mp5k, measuring about a foot long, is considered by some to be the ultimate cqb machine.
do you enjoy laying down a fearful rain of plastic on you enemies, or instilling fear and uncertainty with, few, well placed shots?
some things to consider are

*styles you like
*playing area (NEVER play on public land, this gives all airsofters a bad name, only used licensed fields)
*ammo capacity
*how much ammo you use
weight you want to carry

so, for field games, you would more than likely want a gun with a medium to long barrel length, good shoulder support, ect.
for CQB games you would want a small gun, one that could maneuver corners easily, and generally, with an fps of less than 350, (or be ready to pay to have a spring cut) so you can play at a local field (check your local field's rules of play and follow them, no one likes a dishonest airsofter)

If you play a good mixture of both, but don't have the budget for multiple guns, a carbine is a great option. These are considered the "midway" between long and short guns, essentially, they are the best of both worlds, I believe the most popular carbine is probably the m4, with the ability (with modifications) to play a cqb gun, a D esignated Marksman Rifle (DMR) support gunner, Grenadier (see the accessories page for more on grenade launchers) and countless other possibilities.

as far as budget, an airsoft gun can run anywhere from 10-5000+ dollars

for ammo, the only ammunition I would recommend using in any high end AEG (automatic electric gun) is highly polished, .20 gram bbs or heavier, which can run up to .40 grams and heavier.

Thanks to Jakee117 for this entire section.
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admin6 years ago
This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!
admin6 years ago
Hey, this is a great instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... pictures! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider taking some photographs. Once you do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks! Thanks for the cool instructable and we hope to publish this soon!

Here are the best airsoft pistols you can get


KadrinShadow8 months ago
What about shotguns?
jmarsden4518 months ago


This instructable site is great, man. If you guys want some pretty good reviews of airsoft guns check out www.bestairsoftgunhq.com


Very useful
I'm a Thompson man myself. Chicago Typewriter to be more specific.
marine2k162 years ago
I am in love with M14 so I found one with an adjustable stock and a scope would this be ok for playing long range
muddog152 years ago
I am on a REALLY low budget and I need to find a airsoft rifle where the mags and ammo will fit in a ammo can I have laying around. I already have m pistol 2 mags for it and ammo in the can and room to spare.
happiness16 years ago
what is the gun you are using in the 3rd pic?
oniman7 (author)  happiness16 years ago
Beretta M9. It's originally an Italian made pistol. Now the standard service pistol for the U.S. Army. It's double or single action, and the magazine capacity is 15 + 1. It fires a 9X19mm round. If there's anything else you want to know, just let me know.
It's in service for all American Military, except S&R and classified missions.
oniman7 (author)  CombatController666 years ago
I thought Marines used a modified M1911? Or is that SF?
Thats SF. Marines either use a Beretta or a S&W 45. Marines that are patroling and that are not on special or classified missions use one of the two I just listed. But if there on Classified missions they will use a modified M1911.
oniman7 (author)  CombatController666 years ago
Alright. Thanks.
No problamo mun.
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mechaninja3 years ago
Thank god, you've redeemed yourself. I have to agree, any revolver (sans a snub nose) has a major intimidation factor. Slow reload, but revolvers are more for people who appreciate the quality and beauty of these guns, and they will most likely understand the drawbacks.
mechaninja3 years ago
Typical. Spends two hours writing about ARs and SMGs, but only 10 minutes on snipers. Snipers are very effective in a woodland setting, and will shoot 10%-50% harder than most AEGs.
broper3 years ago
nice very nice
raja6813 years ago
Hey im rather a n00b at air soft although im good at paintball i have a big 12 acre field that is nothing but prairie grass wut kind of gun and game is best for that terrain with like 6 to 10 players plz help anything is much appreciated
raja681 raja6813 years ago
o and btw i am a heavyset guy and tall so that may make it and i prefer snipers and springer pistols so i hope those would work in a low flat land with almost no cover
jpauly4 years ago
I have a BEAUTIFUL A&K M249 SAW light machine gun AEG, it is one of my favorite guns that I own and I have to say it works flawlessly! Only downfall is that it is really heavy for an airsoft gun. But it does hold 2500 rounds, and is really good for a support gunner. The only other good gun I have is a CYMA M1A1 Thompson, which has really good accuracy and FPS.
not all revolvers are c02, i have a springer magnum revolver with an 8 inch barrel... its an absolute BEAST!
obiously being sptinger its llow cost too, its not that powerfull BUT it is amazingly accurate and is very intimidating to the enemy team when you pull it out of your holster and dispach an entire team with it!
ihave the AUG you have here - except due to british law mine is 2-tone
have to say its amazing, balance is pheneominal , so is accuracy and shot power - i have ine set up to be used as a squad support gun - a light machine gun and i 'gotta say it proforms this job AMAZINGLY.
i prefer the AUG over m16's or m4's cause of its comfort and accuracy.
really unriveled with any other type of gun.

nfk114 years ago
oh i know one.the FN-FAL
nehi4 years ago
This so far the best airsoft instructable that I have seen.
pinderfish4 years ago
I have to say you do need hell of a lot of money as i have a warrior l96 and it cost me £200 originally but i have already spent an extra £535 on different upgrades and silencer adaptors, silencers, tracer equipment and sights (you will never find the right sight) and at the end of it all the gun is hard to use yet satisfying when you do but i have already moved on to a src m4 cqb
then4 years ago
You should include LMGs

M249, M60, M240, RPK, etc.
The P90s barrel is incredibly short, anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 the length of the G36C.
thing 24 years ago
No, the p90 can only be loaded by the top, unless you have the box mag for it.
You might be thinking of the FN2000.
mrelement4 years ago
Also Lugers are good, I recently purchased one for around a $105 and i love it, it is gas blow back. Oldies but goodies.
what about a g3? and its variants, i love g3a3s
knexpete5 years ago
 Picture 8 isn't a G36K, it's a G36C with a longer barrel. The G36K has a special dual optic scope instead of a rail
Actually, you are incorrect there. The G36C can not have an extended barrel. This version of the G36K has a Pictanny rail, not a built in G36 scope. This is one of the only G36 versions that has a Rail and Scope version. Check every picture on the H&K American website of the G36K(E). The 3rd to last photo shows a G36KE without a scope, making it a G36K.
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