How to Clap Your Hands.





Introduction: How to Clap Your Hands.

Learn to clap like real people do!

Step 1: The Bare Necessities

To start out with you will need:
1) Two hands, preferably your own.
2) Two arms connected to those hands.
3) Spatial coordination.

Step 2: The Basic Clap Pt. 1

First extend arms about 1 foot from your chest.

Step 3: The Basic Clap Pt. 2

Place the two hands about a shoulder width apart

Step 4: The Basic Clap Pt. 3

Flatten the hands as though they were knifes.

Step 5: The Basic Clap Pt. 4

Bring the hands together.

Step 6: The Basic Clap Pt. 5

Return the hands to shoulder distance apart, then repeat step 4.

Step 7: Congratulations!

You have just clapped your hands!
In the following steps I shall teach you advanced clapping techniques.

Step 8: Advanced Techniques Pt. 1

Cup and Rotate the hands like so, and clap for a louder sound and more natural feel

Step 9: Advanced Techniques Pt. 2

Use the fingers of one hand to clap with the palm of the other hand for a more regal feel.

Step 10: Congrats!

You have finished the How To Clap Your Hands Instructable!



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      I honestly check Instructables everyday for new and updated material. I'm starting to notice a lot of younger children posting absolute garbage. I would like to motion a user age limit. No one younger than the age of 16 should be allowed to waste bandwidth and more so, their life.

      wtf?, the title for this should be "Basic Motor Skills for Dummies"..jees what a waste of my time

      Good, clear instructions, but I have one question.

      Referring to step four, and the phrase " a knife".

      What is a knife?

      you look like white trash, brush your teeth and have an even haircut, and stop actin stupid to try to people to laugh at you.

      2 replies

      It's not particularly reasonable to attack someone based on their looks. You learn this in the lower grades of elementary school. The fact that you don't know that makes me question your education. This Instructable meets the requirements set by the site and is better than any of the zero Instructables you've posted.