Roombas are a great way to keep your house clean without you needing to do any work, but they do require regular cleaning to keep them running and cleaning properly.  This instructable will show you how to properly clean your Roomba so you can get longer run times, more dirt out of your floor per run, and extend the life of your Roomba's components.  I will be showing you how to clean your Roomba at several deferment levels of difficulty.
Level 1 Beginner
Level 2 Beginner 
Level 3 intermediate
(only do this Level if you feel confident that you can get your Roomba back together without breaking anything.)

Step 1: Before We Get Started

Before we get started it's important to make sure that your Roomba is a 500 series Roomba. To see what series you have turn your Roomba upside down and look right above the right rear wheel, you should see a number printed in white. If your number is between 500 and 599 this means that you can move on to the next step without worry. If your number is not between 500 and 599 proceed with caution because your Roomba will be an earlier series than the one used in this instructible and most if not all of the following steps will not directly apply to your series Roomba.
<p>You need to add another step to the advanced. The brush drive gears also get gummed up, you need to pop the green carrier out, but only part way since the power wires will hold it in. It will pull out just enough to get the cover plate off (6 screws) which will allow you to clean all the gunk out of the gear train. Be careful not to lose the spacer washers.</p>
Nice instructable, I usually have to clean the brushes after every run because my cat sheds so much.
Yeah I know, we have one.

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