Recently, I got my parent's old broken HP Pavilion 6355 that they had bought in 1998. Basically they said that if I could fix it I could keep it. I opened the thing up to see if there were any broken wires, connections, etc. inside the tower, and lo-and-behold there were huge clods of dust. I'm talking shag carpeting here, people. I did a little research online and found out that dust is the #1 cause of computers breaking (Not to mention T.V.s, video game consoles, and lots of other stuff).
So, basically, in this 'Ible you will learn how to properly clean out a computer tower.

Step 1: The Tools

For tools you'll need:
-1 Phillips head screwdriver (Standered 2mm should work fine, but it all depends of your computer)
-a dish for the screws
-a long metal object (Scizors, metal pole, etc)
-a can of compressed air, or a weak air compressor (Such as one thats going bad)
-discharge band (Optional)
<p>it couldve been more detailed but otherwise it was really helpful thanks dude. :)</p>
<p>A common recommedation is to vacuum first. The dust you blow away from one area may get blown into somewhere worse. Can't say I do it myself - I clean them out as you've suggested. I use a big compressor, in which case you MUST not let the fans spin up too fast in the air stream. It's easy to spin them up to 10,000 rpm after which they may not work so well!</p>

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