How to Clean a Disk





Introduction: How to Clean a Disk

I will show you how to clean a disk. This is another methed that I use.

Step 1: The Peanut Butter

First get out your peanut butter and a butter knife.

Step 2: Smear the Peanut Butter

Next smear your peanut butter all over the disk and then you should wait about five minutes.

Step 3: Whipe It Off

Last you need to whipe off ALL of the peanut butter with a paper towel. Make sure that all the peanut butter is off of the disk.



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Try this method

I pray this works, so I can make an instructable.


I found a DVD at the side of the road, covered in mud and snails and all sorts of grot like that... I just soaked it in warmish water for a few hours, and very gently wiped the rubbish off it with a paper towel, then let it air dry and gently wiped off remaining non-water-soluble stuff (really just fingerprints)- it worked fine. I think this method and the chinagraph pencil one are for getting rid of oily/greasy stuff like fingerprints, as the wax pencil and the butter are presumably both solvents for grease. If the disk has any solid nasties on it, like grit or sand, I wouldn't do this as you would risk scratching the disk more- maybe rinse the PB off under a running tap?

I had some CDs in my car that got some gunk stuck on them pretty well. The wet wipes that restaurants provide work pretty well. Just another good reason to keep them handy!

Its works about 60% of the time and hay if the game dont work dont smear the peanut butter on it anyway cause you have nothing to lose