Throughout my college experience I have experienced many roommates; all of them different and unique.  Although, there was one tiny issue that all of my roommates seemed to have.  None of them knew how to clean properly.  No matter how much I tried, I could not keep our apartment clean.  Everyday I would come home to dirty dishes and filthy clothes scattered across the apartment.  I was in utter distress, I even started to acquire their habits of leaving the apartment in filth. 
After evaluating these situations I came to realize something; perhaps the reason that my roommates didn't clean was not out of laziness, but because they did not know how to clean.  I took for granted that me and my roommates came from different backgrounds. I grew up with a mother and grandmother that wanted the home spotless, this meant that me and my siblings were forced from an early age to learn how to clean the proper way. Or else suffer hours of nagging and hostility.  Although I do not know that much about my roommates childhoods, I can speculate that learning how to clean was not as important as it was in my home. 
So in order to help those young adults who are thrust out of their homes to start their own lives, I have created a step by step list of how to clean a kitchen. 

This set of instructions is a very basic.  This is meant to instruct people on how to clean a kitchen after they have cooked and eaten food.  Many of these steps will need to be expanded or shortened, depending on the situation.

(Note: For those who know how to clean a kitchen you may get annoyed by the amount of instructions I have produced. But these instructions are meant to help people who were deprived of manual labor as a child.)

Step 1: Assess the Situation and Gather Supplies.

The first step in cleaning a kitchen is assessing the situation and gathering the supplies necessary to clean the area.

In images 1-3 we see how dirty to kitchen is.  In most situations food will still be left out and their will be dirty dishes and trash scattered throughout the kitchen.

In images 4-8 we see the supplies necessary to clean.

4:Dish Soap
5:Cleaning solution
7: Multi-purpose towel(rag/wipe)
8: Tuberware (Used to put away extra food)

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