This is a simple way to clean knives.  This is not for commonly used knives unless they are just a little dirty it is made for collectors knives that you want to shine.

sorry for crappy photos my camera broke and i had to use my cell

Step 1: Supplies

a knife
2 glasses cloths (or normal cloth/paper towels i highly recommend the glasses cloth though)
a dish towel
a sink (not shown)
Shoot me an email at zane.hamilton.1999@gmail.com! I wanna talk with you about that Case knife. I've been a collector for about 6 years of Case knife's and that looks pretty interesting. Interested in selling?
i have a knife that looks similar to the bulldog knife and heres a description of it it has two blades one on either side and 1 is shorter than the other it has a plastic handel but it looks like wood it has the same shield thing as the bulldog knife on the shield side on the longest blade it has printed I then a small star then XL on the base of the blade there is this I XL GOEGE WOSTENHOLM SHEFIELD on the other side it has oil the joints and on the smaller blade it has I XL GOERGE WOSTENHOLM
 Nice i don't believe the knife you have is a collectors it might be collectors edition which i don't like because they are mass produced.  I only get the hard to find limited edition or prototypes my use around the house knife is collectors edition but i didn't post it. so here is a photo it has 1 corinthians 1:18 on the blade not carved in just plated on it and its just the verse number not the verse

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