This guide will show you just how to clean that dirty laptop screen with Windex, or other glass cleaning products that you may have lying around your house. All you need is a few simple supplies.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need
  • Paper Towels
  • Water
  • A spray bottle, like an old windex bottle
  • One laptop with a filthy screen
  • Hands
  • Half a brain

Also, make sure that you do not put the water directly on the screen.

Okay, as an individual with over 10 years experience in computer repair, technology, and media services, I will offer not what I have heard but what I have personally seen throughout the years. <br> <br>A, Windex works perfectly fine with CRT monitors, the surface is glass and the only cases I have seen &quot;ammonia in the Windex reacts with the anti reflective coating&quot; is simply someone not cleaning the screen properly. Once a competent person cleans the screen, it is fine. I have never ever seen permanent damage to a CRT screen from ammonia based glass cleaner. <br> <br>Into the 21st century. Very few lcd monitors have a true glass top pane. If it is truly glass, then any glass cleaner will work fine. However, MOST ARE NOT GLASS, so do not use glass cleaner. <br> <br>I have seen the effect of glass cleaner on lcd screens in well over 30 individual cases. As a few others have stated, the screen does indeed turn hazy and depending on severity, can become quite useless. I have never seen or heard of these other claims through my professional experience. <br> <br>IT Guy
What happens is that the ammonia in the Windex reacts with the anti reflective coating on screens (at least CRTs) and it will leave spots in the coating.
I must not have noticed it because my screen was a piece of crap
I fixed it
Don't do this! We had a kid stain the screen of a new monitor at work by dousing it with windex. One side of the screen now has a nasty looking water stain down the side from windex getting underneath. I understand he sprayed directly onto it, but I'm sure using small amount over time will make the screen hazy.
I fixed it
never do that!
i thought i read somewhere that windex and laptop screen makes a chemical burning reaction... but i could have read wrong... and i also think i've already seen a simmular instructable. so, already been done. nice pictures thought. -gamer
It can discolor them
Yeah, that's what I heard.
Nicely done. Imagine it blew up!<br/><br/><em>That</em> would be awesome, but not for you.<br/>Nice job!<br/>

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