How to Clean a Laptop Screen With Household Products


Introduction: How to Clean a Laptop Screen With Household Products

Hey, in this Instructable i am going to tell you how to clean a laptop screen using house hold products.

For the project you will need:
1.Dilute isopropyl alcohol(Step 1 shows you how to dilute)

2.Distilled water or bottled water

3.A bottle with a push top that will spray the mixture in a form of mist.

4.Cotton cloth

Step 1: How to Dilute Isopropyl Alcohol

Ok open the spray bottle and fill it half with isopropyl alcohol, then fill the other half with the bottled water or distilled water.Do not use normal tap water as the minerals can leave streaks and patches on your screen.
50% isopropyl alcohol
50% distilled water


Step 2: What to Use for Cleaning

When you have made the mixture and are ready to clean the screen get the softest cotton cloth that you can. If you can adjust the spray bottle so the mixture will spray out in a very fine mist. Spray the mixture on the cotton cloth and wipe the screen gently in a circular motion. Be sure not to put too much pressure on the cloth or press your fingers into it as it can leave streaks or marks on the screen.

Step 3: Tips and Hints

Here are some tips and hints:

1.when you are adding the mixture to the cloth use very little and wipe a small part of the screen to see what gives the best results.

2.If you have got a pure cotton cloth try wiping the screen without the mixture as it can give similar results.

3.Do not use cheap or rough paper towels as they can damage the screen.

4.Some tissues can leave some small white flakes, so avoid using these.




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    Where can i get isopropyl alcohol? Can i use newspaper as an alternative for cloth?

    i dont have that at my house and im pretty sure 95% of other americans dont either

    4 replies

    if you're talking about isopropyl alcohol, it's just the fancy scientifical name for rubbing alcohol, although the stuff from drug stores is usually diluted a little more and in much smaller bottles than the jug in his picture

    While "rubbing alcohol" contains isopropyl alcohol, it generally contains lubricants and other ingredients that makes it unsuitable for critical cleaning purposes, as the other ingredients can remain after the alcohol evaporates. I'm over 21 so I keep Everclear around for critical cleaning, but I understand ethyl alcohol shouldn't be use in this application.

    i did not know that, i always figured that whatever was left over after the 70 some% isopropyl alcohol was mostly water to keep it from totally killing when applied to a cut or whatever. everclear, i never would have though of that, although here in PA only the lower proof version is available, which by my educated guess, probably isn't much better than rubbing alcohol, but i'm under 21 so i can't really get it myself anyway.

    Well you and they should; ) Should be in your shop's chemicals cabinent next to the acetone, baking soda, mineral oil and vinegar. Much of the old tech still works pretty well.

    Some bottled water is likely to contain as much mineral content as your tap water, some battled water have minerals added to "enhance" the taste. A gallon of distilled water is cheap and likely to last a long time.

    nope i wouldn't do this at all. your not suppose to use alchohol diluted in any form 0.00 alcohol. Isn't that like a A + cert. question. wah wah wah