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A coworker gave my husband several pumpkins. I was left the task of turning these magnificent gourds into something edible. Dredging up 30+ year old memories of rural Missouri farm life, I realized that I had two options. I could use "Mom's way" - quarter the pumpkin, scrape the interior, peel and chunk the flesh and boil with some water until soft enough to process - but that tends to leave the pumpkin a watery, stringy, unappetizing mess. So, I decided to come up with "My way" - a combination of several methods suggested by friends that makes the least amount of effort provide the most yummy goodness. The instructible which follows (my very first! Yay!) is my kitchen-tested method of getting delicious flesh (and seeds) from pumpkins. I hope you enjoy.

For this method you will need:
a pumpkin
a large knife
a large spoon
a fork
a large bowl
a baking pan with 1" sides large enough to hold your pumpkin when cut in half
workspace (a bit of countertop is handy)
an oven
about an hour and a half - with nearly 50 minutes of that available to do other things.
a way to dispose of the scrap (guts and skins)
pot holders

a couple of paper towels or small container (for holding seeds)
a dishtowel (for creating a non-skid surface on the counter)

Step 1: Step One - Find yourself a pumpkin

Picture of Step One - Find yourself a pumpkin
I selected one of the traditional pumpkin-shaped beasts for this instructable, but this will work with any of the varieties shown. I know it will - because after hacking the one seen in the following steps apart for photos, each of the others met the same fate. Mmmm.
Yay! I roast mine too. It's the best way to do it. :D
cdhall24483 years ago
This is the greatest instructutorial I have ever seen!!
Wonderful!! I had never cleaned a pumpkin before! This made it fun & easy! I SO appreciate it! I found I REALLY like to eat pumpkin!! I fried some, buttered some, made the seeds into a snack with my herb oils & froze some for leter as well!...Awesome!! Thanx SO much! Two thumbs up!!
vlopez83 years ago
I love the step by step directions. My kids and I had a blast doing it together and your directions made me laugh. Thank you :)
megAndmally4 years ago
thank you for the help!! your instructions were funny :) and nice and easy for beginners like me, very informative and simple, i have a 1 year old so the quickest way is always the best!!! thank you again!!