In this I will be showing the easy way to clean a room.

Step 1: Look at the Room.

First look at the room.

Ask yourself how did this just happen. Or where did all of this come from.

Then walk into the danger zone and prepare for the worse.

<p>Any advice about this one? I was robbed a couple of year ago. The policeman enter in the house to check what could be missing. He told me: &quot;There is a mess in a room, but I don't think it have something to do with the robbery. It's probably a teenager&quot;</p>
<p>was it you who actually made the mess?</p>
well check the bed first. Then check all of the clothes make sure there's nothing gone. then just check the small stuff like papers, electronics, money anything that will be greatly missed. And that should do it. Good luck.

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