How to Clean an Engagement Ring





Introduction: How to Clean an Engagement Ring

This Instructable will show you how to clean an engagement ring, but these techniques can be used for other types of jewelry as well. This guide uses household items and safe non abbrasive techniques as to cause no harm to jewelry being cleaned. However, please use common sense and be careful while cleaning your jewelry.

Step 1: Dirty Ring to Be Cleaned

This is my wife's engagement ring. It has not been cleaned in several years, and I would say this is moderate to very dirty.

Step 2: Cleaning Supplies

Items needed:

1) Glass measuring cup
2) Baking soda
3) Vinegar
4) Very, very soft toothbrush
5) Small measuring cup

Step 3: Pre-soak Ring

Put about a cup of water into the measuring glass and microwave to a boil. Remove glass from microwave and place ring in the water and allow to soak for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Vinegar Bath

After removing the ring from the hot water, empty the water and replace it with about a cup of vinegar. Place the ring back into the vinegar and allow to soak for another 5 minutes.

Step 5: Baking Soda Scrub

Step 1:
Mix a small amount of baking soda and water in the small measuring cup. It should be about the consistency of watered down toothpaste.

Step 2:
Completely cover the ring in the paste.

Step 3:
Using the toothbrush, carefully scrub the ring in small circular motion getting into every nook and crevice. Continue to use the remaining paste like toothpaste while cleaning the ring.

Step 6: Final Soak

Boil another cup of water in the measuring glass. After rinsing the ring in tap water to remove most of the soda scrub, place the ring back into the water for another 5 minutes.

Step 7: Clean, Shiny Ring

After removing the ring from the final hot water bath, rinse the ring under warm tap water. While rinsing use the toothbrush to gently remove the remaining soda and stubborn grime.

Total time for cleaning: about 15 minutes



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    Thank you for your advices! One tip from me-Stay clear of the sink. As obvious as it sounds, we
    think we’ve all caught ourselves making this mistake once or twice, but
    NEVER CLEAN YOUR JEWELRY OVER THE SINK! Those tiny pieces get slippery
    when wet and can pop out of your hand and down the drain in seconds.


    Paddington Cleaners Ltd.

    Great step by step guide. also has a guide for cleaning your engagement ring by the way. The guide only uses household items so it's pretty easy to follow

    Great tips. For very dirty diamonds, I read somewhere that soaking the ring in warm water prior to scrubbing will help loosen the grim and dirt. Instead of soaking it with warm water at the end. I believe I read it on or another site with a similar name.


    It's amazing how you can add so much sparkle to your diamond with a little clean. I bought a used engagement ring from, after a simple clean it looks brand new!

    I found the instructions on page Try toothpaste to clean your silver. It cleaned all of my silver and gold jewelry quickly and made it all very shiney.

    i have been useing total moth wash from listern just put a capfull in shot glass and fill with water and let soak . then rinse gold and dimond rinds and dry soft cloth . work as nurse aid in anti bacteria soaps all day get a film on my rings.

    How about an instructable on how to GET an engagement ring? lol.

    PLEEEEASE don't try this with pearls. Also probably not advised with softer stones like opals.

    I'm a jewelry freak and the absolute best, fastest and easiest way to clean jewelry is in the dishwasher. think about it: super-hot water, plenty of rinsing, a great strong soap = presto!! beautifully cleaned jewelry. Be smart and put it down inside the silverware thingys. no brushing necessary, no matter how nasty dirty or greasy your jewels may be. I put everything in there. rings bracelets necklaces and earrings. just make sure nothing is smaller in size than the little holes in the silverware thingys, DUH!!