Step 3: The end

So this is what it should look like - you should have lumps of wax all over your board. It should resemble bad 70's wallpaper, but sticky. More lumpy is better.

Right, now go get wet!
By the way, nice board.
Ah, thanks this is going to help me so much.I always hate sand in my wax.
Really the quickest way to remove old sandy wax is to take a pot of boiling water and just slowly pour it over your board with one side up so the wax runs off the down side. The wax jumps off the board and leaves it shinny clean in about 1 minute, best part, no scraping. I then dry it and do like mentioned above, wax in the microwave, (I make my own by mixing a really sticky soft cold water wax with grocery store paraffin wax which is really cheap. Play around with it until you find the right mix for your area and season and you'll save a lot of money on wax and still have a high quality wax that is tailor suited for you and your area.<br />
<br /> <br /> If you turn your board on its rail when you're letting the sun melt it, most of the wax will just run down the board, saving you some scraping.<br />
I did this similarly to my skimboard a while ago. As you can imagine, skimboards get even more sand in them. It only took about 5 minutes in the sun for the wax to soften.
hey a little tip when your not skimming drop your board upside down it helps allot
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Leaving your board in the sun is not very good for it. Also, when I wax my board I just heat up the wax in the microwave then spread the liquid wax on the board. Great instructable by the way
nah its fine for a few minutes, i mean your in the sun when your surfing anyway right? and who wants a white perfect board any way, i find that out of my 11 boards the newest sticks get wet the least. But mabey its cause i don wanna mess them up<tee hee>. Anywho....ahem...I think every one leaves their board in the sun to remove wax right? Yellow up that thing man go on ahead. and then put some nice dings in it and fix it with cheaper resin that turns yellow anyway. Muahah aha ha
Hate it when sand gets in the wax... doesn't it just GRIND YOUR GEARS?!? Awesome Instructable, could help out a lop of people that get mad because of the same problem.

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