Step 3: Second Pass

Now that you have given your jar a good shake, quickly dump the water in the sink. Some of the rice should stay in the jar and that is good.

Refill your jar roughly half full with warm water. You do not need to add any rice or soap here. Now, repeat your shaking process to break loose any stubborn gunk in the corners.

If at this point your container is not quite as clean as you need it, you can certainly dump out the water and re-start the first pass. In my experience that is rarely needed though.
Thank you! It is a handy little trick :)
This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!<br>sunhsiine
I use too coarse salt. Both methods are good.
I thought the salt would work. I don't do much that requires coarse salt so that is why I never tried it. Glad to know it does work well!
nice trick !
Thank you very much :)
Aww man, I Just threw my spice jar into the dishwasher for like 3 cycles because it wouldn't clean last week. I will keep this in mind for the future.
Yea I was never happy with all the time it took the dishwasher to &quot;clean&quot; my little jars - this is SO much faster, even if it takes a few passes!

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