It works with every bottle!


Step 1: Watch the Video!

Use this tip and you can forget the brush ;)

Step 2: #1

Take off the cap

Step 3: #2

Get a funnel

Step 4: #3

Fill the bottle with a half cup of rice

Step 5: #4

Put in 2-3 press of dish soap

Step 6: #5

Fill with 2 cups of water

Step 7: #6

Shake it :)

The time of shaking depends on the dirt.

Step 8: #7

Wash it with clear water

Step 9: The End

It's clear :)

Thats the ShiftyWay!

<p>Great idea! You could empty the rice into a strainer then toss it in the compost bin to prevent clogged pipes, too.</p>
It's a good tip thanks!

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